Rahmani-30, other coaching centres felicitate their successful candidates of IIT-JEE

By Manzar Bilal, TwoCircles.net

Patna: “Life is full of difficulties but you have been blessed with power to solve them. The only thing required is to identify and apply it” said Mr. Abhyanand, Additional Director General of Bihar Military Police, who is also administrator of five centers for preparation of IIT-JEE in the state.

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He was speaking at a felicitation program held at Shri Krishn Memorial Hall in Patna today. The program was organized jointly by Rahmani-30, Ang Super-30, Triveni Super-30, Magadh Super-30 and Nalanda Super-30 to give felicitation to the students who have succeeded in IIT-JEE exam 2009.

Listen to the speeches:


Wali Rahmani:

“When I started to coach students for IIT-JEE in 2002, I did not think at that time that this will expand in the existent figures because I faced lots of difficulties. But by the experience I learnt to solve the difficulties and I realized that I could increase this work. The big success we got in 2008 when we established five centers for this purpose” he said.

Besides fulfilling his duty as Additional Director General of Bihar Military Police he handled all five centers. He attends his office regularly but whenever finds time he takes classes, sometimes at 12 O’clock in the night, sometimes 5 O’clock in morning and also on the phone.

Shri Krishna Memorial Hall was packed to capacity as people from all sections of the society had thronged to have a glimpse of the successful youths. The audience congratulated and encouraged successful students, teachers and administrations by clapping time to time during the program.

Mr Abhyanand was highly praised at the program because he played a pivotal role in helping the students to achieve their dreams. All the students gave credits for their success to their teachers and especially to Mr Abhyanand who motivated and increased confidence in them to crack the examination.

The program was titled Samaj ka Super-30 Samaj Keliye-Samaj Ke Duara. (The community’s Super-30 for community- by community) A 7-minute film on these coaching centres was also screened at the program.

It should be noted that all the teachers are rendering their services free of charges at all these five centers. “When I select any teacher for these centers firstly I say him that he will have to teach without any charge because we are here to train poor students who are talented but do not find chance to go ahead, who have dreams to do something in education field but do not get platform to make their dreams true” he said.

Mr. Abhyanand thanked all the teachers who spent their specious times to coach these students and requested those retired professors and teachers who are experts in physics, chemistry and math to come forward for this good cause of the society.

Addressing the program Maulana Syed Mohammad Wali Rahmani, Sajjada Nashin, Khanqah Rahmani of Munger and patron of Rahmani30- said: “I have a lot of plans for the betterment of community. One of them was to prepare poor but talented students for IIT-JEE. When I heard about Abhyanand ji who has been active for this purpose for last few years I met him and requested him to help in this regard. Abhyanand ji not only helped but also took all the educational responsibilities.”

Expressing his satisfaction on the results got by the students he said: “It was first batch and also first experience and I am fully satisfied with the performance of our students that all of them succeeded.”

Appreciating Mr Abhyanand Maulana Rahmani said: “I will not thank him because I do not have words to thank him but I have gratitude in my heart for him, one may see that through my eyes” he said.

The 55 students from five centers run under the guidance of Mr Abhyanand took parts in IIT-JEE exam 2009. Of them 50 got success which sent a good message to people. It may help them to inspire their children for preparation of this examination.

Performance of all five centers

Name of the coaching ccenters Appeared Successful
Rahmani-30 10 10
Triveni Super-30 15 15
Magadh Super-30 16 14
Nalanda Super-30 8 7
Ang Super-30 6 4

“The most important thing I saw here was confidence in all the students which is necessary to achieve in any field. For that I congratulate Abhyanand ji and his team who worked with him sincerely” said Ahmad Ashfaqe Kareem, the founder of Katihar Medical College, at the program.

The program was also addressed by other personalities including the incharge of all the centers. At the end of the program all the teachers were felicitated by Mr Abhyanand.