On Nov. 26, civil groups to press for national judicial commission to probe 26/11

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

New Delhi: On the 1st anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, several civil groups will jointly hold a national conference in Mumbai on November 26 to demand the Central Government to constitute a National Judicial Commission of Inquiry to investigate the attacks. The conference will also demand that the Ram Pradhan Committee Report be made public.

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“The Mumbai 26/11 terror episode was undoubtedly an attack on the nation & thus there is a need for a far more extensive, transparent & honest investigation. In the past few months, a number of questions and doubts have been raised in the media as well as other public fora and there is a growing discontent & sentiment amongst the people to demand a thorough investigation into all the aspects of the terror attack,” the organizers said in a statement.

The groups have urged the people of the country to awaken to the scourge of terrorism as it has become the political and social challenge of our times.

“Our plea to the people is the following. The Indian people need to awaken to the scourge of terrorism as it has become the political and social challenge of our times. The ‘politics of terror’ has replaced the ‘politics of communal riots’ & it is the new system of spreading mass paranoia & fear to control of the Indian masses, by the political-corporate elite and we will have to stand together and fight this menace. None of the political leaders seem to be victims of the terror attacks, not even when the Indian Parliament was attacked! But we continue to die in Mandirs, Masjids, Churches, Gurdwaras and Buddhavihars. We continue to die in Buses, Trains and Taxis. We know that the political leaders are lying; the Media lies and so do our Police & our Intelligence Services. Thus we need to find the answers. But for that we need to start asking basic questions and challenge the dominant paradigm within which our minds are forced to think or rather “not think”.

The groups have also demanded probe into the linkages between CIA and ISI and between CIA and Dawood Ibrahim

“The linkages between the CIA and the ISI as well as between the CIA and Dawood Ibrahim need to be investigated and discussed in the media. The relationship between narco-terrorism – the international drugs cartel and terror networks needs to be investigated.”

The daylong conference (10.00am to 6.00pm) will be held at Marathi Patrakar Sangh, Azad Maidan, Mumbai.

The organizers include Awami Bharat, National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM), Trade Union Centre of India (TUCI), Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU), Safai Kaamgar Mazdoor Union, BAMCEF, Republican Panther, Phule-Ambedkari Vichar Manch, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Aapli Mumbai, All India Milli Council, National Minorities Federation, OBC Parishad, Republican People of India, Marathi Bharti, Vidyarthi Bharti, Muslim Intellectual Forum, Gujarati Intellectual Forum, Hindu Vikasini, and Christian Panther.

[Photo: images.lightstalkers.org]