Ragging: JNU withdraws rustication order, reduces punishment


New Delhi : The Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) here Saturday withdrew a month-old order rusticating nine students for two years from academics for ragging juniors and reduced their punishment.

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“Those who were rusticated for two years from academics have been asked to continue education but they cannot stay in the hostel for two years,” said a senior official who was involved on the process.

“Ten others who were expelled from hostel for two years will now stay away from it just for a semester (six months). The decision was taken by our chancellor Prof. Yashpal,” the officer told IANS on condition of anonymity.

All the students were pursuing Masters of Computer Application (MCA) programme in the varsity.

In a shocking and possibly the first of its kind incident for the prestigious university, at least eight students were ragged by their seniors in a hostel room Aug 12.

Initially, four senior students were caught red-handed as they were found with juniors in a hostel room. After an inquiry into the incident, 15 more students were sent show-cause notices as juniors complained of ragging.

While victims were fresh MCA students, the culprits were in third and fourth semesters.

The official said though the seniors were charged with ragging, the victims said they were not physically abused.

“The students who were rusticated and expelled had made a request to the chancellor and the chancellor took the decision to reduce the punishment. All the students had also submitted unconditional apology to the university administration with a promise that such action will never be repeated,” the official added.