500 Muslim Professionals meet in Kochi at the Professionals’ State Conference

By TwoCircles.net Staff Correspondent,

Kochi: About 500 Muslim professionals from all over Kerala assembled in Kochi today at the Professionals’ State Conference organized by the Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen and its youth wing Ittihadu Shubbanil Mujahideen. They listened to various study classes about Islam and participated actively in the interactive sessions. The conference was held at the Abad Plaza from 10 am to 5.30 pm.

AP Abdul Qader Moulvi inaugurating the Professionals’ State Conference in Kochi

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The conference was inaugurated by AP Abdul Qader Moulvi, general secretary of KNM. He recalled how the Mujahid movement worked to make the Muslim community aware of the importance of giving treatment when ill and providing good education. People understood and followed all the matters related to material life said by the KNM, but they ignored the spiritual matters. That is why, the KNM takes up da’wa with importance to Thouheed as the most important thing, said Moulvi.

The well-educated professionals of the Muslim community have a big responsibility of spreading the message of Islam, said TP Abdullakoya Madani, president of KNM, while giving the presidential address. The great scholars of the nineteenth century tried to bring people back to free thought and the path of Allah after Muslims went away from the right path. This duty should be carried on not only by the scholars but each and every Muslim, said Madani.

The assembling of this number of professionals actually shows the power of the Muslim society, said Prof KV Thomas, Minister of State for Agriculture, who was the chief guest at the conference.

After the inaugural session, Adv Mayinkutty Mather, lawyer practicing in the High Court of Kerala, spoke on the topic ‘Be the Cream and Candle of the Society’. He said that depression is the reason for most deaths in the modern world of science and technology. Peace of mind and fearlessness are what people yearn for, but they don’t get them in spite of all the material progress. Any problem in life can be solved if we believe that none can block what Allah gives and none can give what Allah blocks, he added. It was followed by a talk by CP Saleem on the topic ‘Muslim Society: Unity and Reformation’. He said that no recommendations or intermediaries are needed between Almighty Allah and men. He recalled that the Mujahid movement had brought a revolution in the Kerala society by this message. Prof. CA Babu, general convenor of the welcome committee, presided over the session and TK Ashraf, state general secretary of ISM, gave the introductory note. Dr Muhammed Shaheer, state general secretary of the Mujahid Students’ Movement, delivered the vote of thanks.

The afternoon session began after namaz and lunch to a speech introducing ‘Integrated Medical Brotherhood’ by PM Shahul Hameed. The IMB was the result of the forward thought of the scholarly leaders of the KNM. The IMB was formed in 1987 when no other organization even thought of such a thing. It began the pain and palliative care facility in several parts of the state, said Mr Hameed. M Muhammed Madani, president of the Kerala Jamiyathul Ulema, spoke on the topic ‘Life, Death and Life after Death’. Madani said that good deeds without iman are of no use in the life after death. Man did not choose his birth, nor can he choose his death. Men fear death as they are not prepared for it, he added. Justice K Abdul Gafoor, chairman of the welcome committee, spoke about the need for a common platform for the people of all religions and faiths in the country to share their thoughts. MM Akbar, director of the Niche of Truth, handled the interactive session on the topic ‘Islam: Learning and Propagation’. Noor Muhammed Noorsha, secretary of KNM Ernakulam district, presided over the session. Adv PK Habeeb Rahman, treasurer of ISM Kerala, welcomed the audience.