AMU campus row: A hot cake for Bihar political parties

By Staff Reporter,

Patna: With Assembly elections round the corner in Bihar, political parties here have started to woo voters in different ways. The issue of AMU campus in Kishanganj is being used by almost all parties to increase their vote accounts. To attract Hindu votes, BJP’s youth wing ABVP – and BJP leaders behind the curtain as well — are opposing the campus saying it will provide shelter to militants. The opposition parties including RJD and Congress, on the other hand, are trying to get sympathy of Muslims by issuing statements against ABVP and Bihar government.

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Interestingly, JD-U is also not left behind. Its leaders strongly condemned ABVP for their opposition to AMU campus in Kishanganj. It means they too do not want to lose Muslim vote which they it got in the last assembly elections, helping the party to power.

Making an attack on Chief Minister Mr. Nitish Kumar, Bihar Congress chief Mr. Anil Sharma said the state government is backing ABVP by not taking legal action against them.

“On one hand Nitish Kumar allotted land for setting up AMU branch in Kishanganj and on the other, he has failed to take action against members of ABVP who are spreading hatred and flaring up religious sentiments” Sharma said adding that if Congress came to power it will request AMU as well as other national universities to open their branches in the state.

RJD spokesperson Mr. Shakeel Ahmad Khan also accused the Nitish government for indulging in double game.

“Bihar government does not tire to take credit for setting up AMU campus in Kishanganj and propagating it at high level to get Muslims’ votes. But its partner’s youth wing is opposing it and terming it as dangerous for the country. Moreover, according to news reports, RSS and BJP workers are capturing parts of the allotted land but government did not take any action in this matter,” Khan said.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar made it clear that the decision to establish AMU centre in Kishanganj is not wrong as the centre would empower the people of all sections educationally. But as the opposition continued its attack on the government on the issue, the newly elected chief of JD-U Minority Cell Maulana Abu Talib Rahmani took on rivals and said that JD-U’s stand on the issue is clear from the day one.

“AMU has been a secular institution and a large number of non-Muslim students have been getting education from there. Therefore, those who are opposing it are not on right path. The AMU campus will benefit people of all classes and also it will glorify the name of Bihar all over the world” he said while addressing his first press conference after assuming office.

Many social organizations including Sarjapuri Vikas Morcha and Rashtriya Jan Jagran Morcha also condemned the ABVP for their shameful act.

The president of Sarjapuri Vikas Morcha Mr. Tara Chand said: “The AMU campus will surely increase the educational graph in Bihar as many poor students despite having abilities but due to lack of money are unable to go out of state for higher education. The campus will help them and thus we will have more doctors, engineers and professionals in our state.”

He advised ABVP that if they are sincere then they should protest for schools, colleges and universities that lack teachers, buildings and other facilities or where teachers do not attend classes.