Now Imarat Shariah puts its weight behind Muslim reservation demand

By Staff Reporter,

Patna: As all Muslim religious and social organizations are demanding reservation for the Muslim community in the light of Ranganath Mishra Commission recommendations for some time, North India’s reverend Islamic seminary Imarat Shariah (Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa) also put its weight behind the demand. The seminary also demanded quota for Muslim and other backward class women in the Women Reservation Bill.

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At the end of daylong meeting of its Advisory Board – where various issues confronting the Muslim community were discussed, the Imarat Shariah here yesterday demanded 10% reservation for Muslims in the light of Mishra Commission report and quota for Muslim and other backward women in the Women Reservation Bill that will secure 33% seats in legislative bodies for women.
Over 200 members of Advisory Board of Imarat Shariah from Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa were here to attend its annual meeting. The meeting also discussed AMU campus in Kishanganj and Right to Education Act.

“Despite Sachar Committee disclosed worse condition of Muslims and Mishra Commission recommended reservation as remedy for their problems, their reports, unfortunately, were not discussed in the Parliament and no action has been taken so far in this regard. We appeal to the government to give 10% reservation to Muslims and also to amend Article 341 to include backward Muslims in the category of SC” the Imarat demanded.

They also expressed deep concern over Women Reservation Bill in its present form and felt that it will reduce Muslim representation that is already inadequate.

“We reject the WRB in its present form because it is not in favor of weaker section especially Muslims who are the country’s second majority community. We condemn the government for getting it passed in Rajya Sabha forcefully ignoring the interest of large number of citizens. We demand quota for Muslims and other backward classes to ensure their representation” they said.

The meeting also demanded the government to ask courts not to interfere with Muslim personal law while giving verdicts.

“It is sorrowful that today various courts are giving verdicts violating Muslim personal law which is against the Constitution of the country because it gives safeguard to all religions. Therefore, we appeal to them not to ignore Islamic Shariah while giving verdict on Muslim personal law” they appealed.

On AMU campus in Kishanganj they appreciated Nitish Government for allotting 250 acres lands and urged his government to take tough action against extremists who are opposing it and trying to spread the communal poison in the state.

“We urge Bihar government to be strict against communal forces like ABPV who are crying foul against setting up AMU campus in educationally backward Kishanganj district. Undoubtedly, it will be beneficial for all people of the state. So, it is necessary to restrain these communalists otherwise they would disturb the peaceful environment of the state” they added.

The meeting welcomed the RTE and demanded that it should be implemented effectively especially for Muslims who are lagging behind in education as Sachar Committee revealed. It also appealed to Muslims to take benefit from this act as much as they can to increase the educational percentage.

The meeting also stressed to make pressure group in every area to wash out the social evils. The meeting was presided over by Maulana Nizamuddin, Amir-e-Shariat of Imarat Shariah and general secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board.