Sheila Dikshit launches e-waste disposal system


New Delhi : Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit Monday launched an e-waste disposal system by distributing e-waste bins which will be installed in various places across the capital, as well as sending letters to eco-clubs in different schools to spread awareness.

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Speaking at the launch programme, Dikshit said: “With more and more people opting for electronic appliances, the danger of non-disposal of e-waste is becoming huge. This kind of waste needs to be disposed systematically and hygienically to minimise the damage on the environment”.

“To address this, e-waste collection bins will be installed at all identified places across Delhi from where the authorized recyclers shall collect the e-waste for recycling,” she added.

Due to lack of proper proper disposal, e-waste like mobile phones, batteries and CFL bulbs find way to landfills where leaching of heavy metals and radio active substances causes ground water contamination.

As part of the initiative thus, 16 e-waste collection bins and 42 paper recycling machines were distributed in the Delhi Secretariat.

Dikshit also gave a letter on distribution of six e-waste collection bins to the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) chairman, Parimal Rai and 10 other similar letters to eco clubs of various schools.

She also said that 42 paper recycling machines will be set up in different schools.

“Another common problem being faced by the schools of Delhi is the disposal of waste paper. Eco-clubs in over 88 schools and colleges of Delhi have sensitised students and teachers about paper recycling and have got paper recycling machines,” Dikshit said.