Visitors get energy saving tips at expo in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi : As part of an environment conservation campaign ahead of the World Earth Day, a unique exhibition in Abu Dhabi is giving the visitors some easy tips of energy saving.

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The exhibition “Al Beit Al Mithali”, meaning Efficient house, has been set up by the National Geographic Abu Dhabi (NGAD) television channel at the Marina Mall here.

NGAD, a wing of National Geography, has also announced a series of daily shows, aimed at promoting green movement, which will be broadcast between April 11 and 22.

Visitors to the life-size exhibition in Marina Mall, can walk through the house and find out how simple changes in daily habits can be beneficial for environment.

“Through our project – Al Beit Al Mithali, we seek to make individuals aware that through simple shifts in their daily habits they too can make a difference,” said Rohit Dsilva, General Manager – National Geographic Abu Dhabi.

The channel has also started an online campaign that will encourage people to “take a pledge” on one of the efficiency tips promoted by “Al Beit Al Mithali”.

The visitors have to select any one tip they are most likely to implement and then take a pledge on it on the channel’s website. The participants can also share their pledge with friends and invite them to take a pledge of their own.

The channel is also in talks with various schools in Abu Dhabi to organise field trips to the houses of students.

NGAD aims to instil good energy-saving habits in the region from an early age, and the channel hopes that the children’s visit to the house will have a strong and long-lasting influence on the day-to-day use of resources in their own house, said Karim Sarkis, Executive Director of Abu Dhabi Media Company.