Bring back money stashed in Swiss banks, demands BJP


Chandigarh: The Bharatiya Janata Party Saturday condemned the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government for delaying to bring back the illegal money hoarded in Swiss banks.

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The BJP said the UPA’s corrupt practices have led to inflation and rise in poverty in the country.

“Rs.70,00,000 crore of Indian money is blocked in the banks of Switzerland. If this money is brought back, many of the problems we face could be easily solved. But the UPA government is least interested in it, which is testimony for the involvement of their own men in this scandal,” BJP national vice-president Shanta Kumar told reporters here Saturday.

He added: “Swiss banks provide secrecy and safety for tax evaders, corrupt individuals and criminals to hoard their black money. I have written to the prime minister twice, in February 2009 and September 2010, about this matter and sought his reply. But so far I have not received any reply from him.”

Kumar, who recently attended a United Nations (UN) conference in New York, said that Switzerland was also ready to return the Indian money.

“I had gone to attend a UN conference in the last week of October this year. There I was surprised as the representative of Switzerland said that his government was willing to return Indian money. So, things are delayed only from our side,” Kumar claimed.

According to Kumar, the spiralling prices of onions are also the direct result of corruption. “It is shocking that our prime minister is asking a minister why the onion price is going out of control. They must have taken preventive measures in advance,” he pointed out.

Kumar, who also has organisational charge of Punjab, said that the BJP’s alliance with Akali Dal was going strong.

“The BJP is working very well in Punjab. We are enjoying good relations with the Akali Dal and we would fight the next elections together,” said Kumar.