Jamaat Islami backs Gujjars for quota

By TCN News,

Jaipur: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has supported the Gujjar community for their demand of reservation as a high-level delegation of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s Rajasthan unit led by state secretary Muhammad Nazimuddeen met Gurjar leader Kirori Singh Bainsala and others at the site of his agitation camp at Peelupura on Sunday.

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The delegation asserted during the meet that the “Gurjars indeed are a backward cast and hence they deserve reservation.” The JIH leaders, however, demanded reservation for all backward and deprived communities as well. “Not only Gurjars, but also every section of the society that is backward, deprived or weaker must get their due rights and the government should endeavor to provide equal opportunities to develop,” JIH Media Secretary, Dr M Iqbal Siddiqui said.

“This is not fare on part of the governments to delay giving due rights to their citizens so much so that they have to resort to agitate and come to the roads, therefor the governments should make efforts to ensure every section of the society their due rights,” he further said.

The convoy expressing their concern over the inconveniences faced by the public all over the country, demanded from the government not to politicise the whole matter and take effective steps in order to solve the problem so as no other section is harmed and no controversy arises among different sections of the society. On the other hand, the delegation requested the agitators not to take such steps that the common people do not face inconveniences and national property is not damaged.

Mr. Nazimuddeen, who headed the mission, said that a delegation of the Jamaat will soon meet the government to put forth its point of view in order to solve the problem.

Other members of the delegation included district co-organiser Absar Ahmad, Karauli District President Muhammad Feeroz and members Qamruddeen Khan and Dr. Abdul Muqtadir Khan.