Hindus must come forward against divisive Sangh: Digvijay

By Rehan Ansari, TwoCircles.net,

Mumbai: Undeterred with the Sangh Parivar attack, outspoken Congress leader Digvijay Singh reiterated that slain Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare was under pressure from Hindu hardliners including RSS and BJP for his probe into the Malegaon blast leading to first ever arrest of Hindu extremists in a terror case.

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Speaking at the launch of Hindi version of the book “RSS conspiracy — 26/11?” authored by Rashtriya Sahara Group Editor, Aziz Burney, in Mumbai on December 27, Digvijay Singh said: “Karkare was under pressure from the people who were ideologically close to the killer of Mahatma Gandhi and who like to create rift between Hindus and Muslims.”

Launch of Hindi version of the book “RSS Ki Sazish 26/11”

Singh fearlessly continued: “Whether it’s Shiv Sena or their mouthpiece Samna, Nrendra Modi or Advani all questioned the integrity of Hemant Karkare.” Singh, however, made it clear he never doubted involvement of Pakistan-based terrorists in the 26/11 Mumbai attack of 2008.

At the launch of the Urdu version of the same book in New Delhi on December 5, Singh had claimed Karkare had talked to him just before 26/11 and said he was under pressure from the Hindu extremist groups. During the probe of Malegaon blast, Karkare had busted the Hindu terror group and arrested several members of Abhinav Bharat including Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and Col Purohit.

At the Mumbai launch program, Singh also alleged that the BJP is helping RSS, VHP and saffron terrorist groups wherever they are in the government in states. About the murder of Sunil Joshi, an RSS leader accused of Ajmer blast, Singh said, “Joshi was involved in many terror activities and when Sangh Parivar feared of getting exposed, Joshi was murdered. Finally the Rajasthan ATS arrested a few RSS members for his murder.”

Singh praised Hemant Karkare for his daring act of exposing saffron terror network. He said, “Karkare investigated another angle related to terrorism i.e. saffron groups.”

Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Singh called upon Hindus to come forward against Sangh Parivar’s divisive and destructive policies. He said, “These communal forces are against Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Gandhi family and every secular Hindus.”

Former IG of Maharashtra and the author of the book “Who Killed Karkare?”, SM Mushrif also spoke on the occasion. He alleged that out of 20 meetings recordings, which were available with the police only one is mentioned in the charge-sheet. He demanded, “These people must be punished severely because they were involved in anti national activities and wanted to create parallel government.”

Digvijay Singh at launch of Hindi version of the book “RSS Ki Sazish 26/11”

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhut complained about the freedom of expression in India and corporate media’s attitude of toeing the pro-establishment line. In America people are questioning the government version of 9/11 but in India, Media is pro-government and voicing against the official version of 26/11 is termed as anti-national, he said,

Abu Asim Azmi, president of Samajwadi Party, Maharashtra complained about the dual policy of Maharashtra government. He demanded Digvijay Singh to ask his party government to release innocent Muslims in the state and not harass Muslim youths who have been acquitted by the court. Azmi said, “State government doesn’t appeal against the acquittal of RSS people but when Muslims are released they do appeal against them.”

Jamiat Ulama-I-Hind leader and MP Mehmood Madani also spoke on the occasion. Kripa Shankar Singh, Dr. Mohammed Ali Patankar, Mustaqeem Makki, Iqbal Memon were among eminent people present at the program.