BSF develops ‘spy fidayeen bomb’ vehicle to blow up militants


New Delhi : India’s Border Security Force (BSF) has developed a ‘spy fidayeen bomb’ vehicle which can stealthily enter into enemy territory for surveillance and explode itself to eliminate a militant.

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The force’s technical wing has developed a battery operated, four-wheel-enabled vehicle which has a night vision camera and a cavity to carry an explosive to neutralise the enemy.

“The apparatus can be operated by a remote control at a distance of 200 metre. It has a video camera attached to it for receiving visuals and can function at night also,” BSF Inspector Rajendra Prasad said.

The device, costing Rs 20,000 has been developed by the Assam-Meghalaya frontier of the force and the functioning of the apparatus was also demonstrated to BSF Director General Raman Srivastava during an exhibition here.

The orange coloured four-wheeler’s signals can be received on a screen by the handler outside an enemy hideout and can be used by troops in operations, Prasad, whose team developed the device, said.

The para-military force has got a full-fledged technical wing which takes up research and development of such gadgets and devices which are useful for the force in it’s operational areas.

Other units of the force have also developed equipments like low-cost battery chargers, electronic tracker for stolen weapons and wireless extension for POLNET among others. The force recently got a patent on an Jammer device for IEDs.