Lectures on ‘Qur’anic Wisdom and Knowledge of Science’ at AMU

By TCN News,

Aligarh: “Scientific research is not given as much importance in India as in Western countries. Science exhibition is often organized in developed countries where students take part eagerly and try to show their skills. That is really a great way to increase the interest in new generation regarding science” said Qazi S. Azhar, Associate Technical Professor at Michigan State University of America.

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He was speaking at a conference on ‘Qur’anic Wisdom and Knowledge of Science’ at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

He further said: “I wish to see the Science Mela at all religious and modern educational institutions in Aligarh, and every student become scientist and every home research centres.”

Addressing the audience Dr. Shakeel Samadani, Coordinator of general education centre of AMU, said: “Qur’an is guide till the end of this world for not only Muslims but all human beings. Qur’an is the words of Allah; therefore it is free from all kinds of errors. Science will have to accept and follow the Qur’anic teachings. So far whatever science has revealed, all have already been mentioned in the Qur’an centuries ago.”

In his presidential speech, Dr. Fakhruddin, secretary of Muslim Educational, Social and Cultural Organization (MESCO), threw light on the activities of MESCO. He ensured that MESCO will soon set up its branch at AMU.