More women becoming aggressive behind the wheel


Kuala Lumpur : Women drivers are “getting more aggressive” than men, a Malaysian expert said Thursday, adding “the number of women involved in accidents is on the rise”.

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Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation analyst Kamal Affandi Hashim said that based on the number of traffic summons and court cases against women, a trend of aggressive driving by women has emerged.

“Based on what we can see, the attitude of male drivers has improved but women are getting more aggressive,” The Star quoted Hashim as saying.

“Hence, the number of women involved in accidents is on the rise.”

Hashim said the attitude of drivers was the main cause of road accidents.

“Drivers who are aggressive, emotional and distracted while driving are dangerous.

“Most people will, at one time or another, feel like strangling their fellow drivers but it becomes a criminal act when you follow up on that intention with an aggressive act (such as chasing after a vehicle),” he said at a road safety campaign at Universiti Sains Malaysia Wednesday.

Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research director general Ahmad Farhan Mohd Sadullah said Malaysians generally felt that they were “Superman” and would never end up as an accident casualty.

“It’s their attitudes that cause accidents. The think they are invincible, not even wanting to wear safety belts.

“Perhaps it’s ego. They just want to be faster and better than the next driver,” said Ahmad.