Sheila Dikshit for changing Delhi residents’ mannerisms


New Delhi : Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit Thursday called for a public-private partnership to develop a “package to change behavioural patterns of Delhi residents towards each other and guests who will visit during the Commonwealth Games”.

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Speaking at the Delhi Tourism Conclave here, Dikshit said while transformation was taking place in almost every aspect of life, “not enough is being done especially in the matter of changing mannerisms”.

“The culture of politeness and sharing and caring for each other, as well as the behaviour of the people in the city is not changing enough,” she said.

“We are a unique city, we live in the present and look forward to future and we also have a rich heritage. We can be proud but when people visit the city, they would only remember the rude behaviour (of the citizens) or the small time crook charging more than required for services rendered,” she said.

Calling for an initiative from private sector, Dikshit said: “The private sector has already partnered for green projects. When the private sector appeals to the citizens, they become a partner of the government.”

“I hope this conclave could generate a package to change the behavioural pattern of Delhiites towards each other and guests. This should be implemented right away,” she added.

Dikshit said that it would be beneficial if other organisations can volunteer for keeping the city clean, teaching the people through campaigns to be polite, holding meetings with youths and students and urging them to use public transport like the Metro.