Syed Hamid on Kashmir boy’s success, Muslims in civil services

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

New Delhi: Eminent educationist and Chancellor of Hamdard University Syed Hamid is proud of the historic success of Hamdard Study Circle whose student Shah Faesal got first rank in Civil Services. He is also proud of the fact that a Kashmiri youth has got this success overcoming all odds. In an exclusive interview with Mumtaz Alam Falahi of, he appeals to Muslims to send their youth to competitions in more and more numbers as only this can increase their share in services. Excerpts.

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Your reaction on the great success of Shah Faesal of Hamdard Study Circle

We were working toward this end and ultimately we have achieved what we have been working for. Earlier the highest position the Hamdard Study Circle got was the second position in civil services – that was our student Abu Baker Siddique from South. This is the first time our student has topped in civil services examination. We are certainly and legitimately proud of that.

We are also proud of the fact that this has happened in respect of a candidate from Jammu and Kashmir where condition has not been favorable for serious study and yet the young man has proved that despite of all the difficulties in the way one can be successful and eminently successful.

Shah Faesal is a role model for the youth all over, particularly the youth in Jammu and Kashmir.

Of 875 successful candidates this year there are only 21 Muslims. How can Muslims presence be increased in civil services?

You have raised a very important point which has been worrying us for quite some time. The present proportion is not satisfactory because Muslims are 13.4% of India’s population and a community of this strength should have got much more than we have actually got.

I was a member of the Sachar Committee which visited most of the states. Wherever we went and wherever we asked authorities as to why the number of Muslims in services is very insignificant, invariably they answered that they get success according to the numbers in which they appear for competitions.

So the major difficulty now is that not enough Muslim candidates are appearing for civil services examination and other examinations. Our major effort should to increase our catchment area, to persuade young men to appear for competitions for various posts, not only civil services. There are so many posts for which they can appear.

It should be our endeavor and endeavor of everybody interested in the welfare of the community to persuade them to appear in large number. If they work hard then nobody would be able to prevent their success. What has happened today would be an encouragement for many of our youth. It is not just Shah Faesal has succeeded. He has become an inspiration for Muslim youth and youth of weaker sections.

Have you seen any ray of hope from the minority community toward educational empowerment and development in the last 20 years?

I have been striving for it according to my limited capacity and the present situation gives hope to keep on alive. I did try to persuade and I took out caravans of education to persuade Muslim youths. There was an impression that they would be discriminated against and nobody would select them. We tried to dispel that impression. I do hope that although the progress has not been very satisfactory but in 10 years time there would be a revolution.

As a legendry educationist in India what’s your message to the Muslim community?

My message to the Muslim community is: Be sure that if you work hard then you will be rewarded. It is not that you will be discriminated all the time. There are sometimes cases of discrimination but despite of those cases we must move forward. I am sure if we become a little more serious and make a greater effect we will succeed. I am always sure that by Allah’s grace in the next 10 years there would be a very substantial change in our condition.

Kashmir Muslim boy rules India, tops Civil Services exam