Pak Shia leader urges Deoband Ulema to help stop sectarian killings

By Ahmed Kazmi for,

New Delhi: A prominent Shia leader from Pakistan Allama Abbas Komeili has urged Deoband Ulema to use their influence in stopping sectarian killings in his country. He said that the religious leaders from Deobandi school of thought can help in getting the on-going sectarian killings stopped by appealing their counterparts across the border. The Pakistani Shia leader was talking to a group of journalists here on Wednesday.

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Allama, who is also former member of Pakistan Senate, has appreciated unity among Muslims and social harmony among various religious groups in India.

Allama Abbas Komeili who hails from Karachi was here to address some religious meetings in Delhi and Varanasi. He said that ulema, scholars and traders should expand their exchange visits and create better understanding among the people and governments of the two countries. He also advocated for developing more cordial relations among the nations of the Indian subcontinent. “If the Europeans can live together, why the people of the subcontinent can’t live with harmony” he said.

The Pakistani scholar came to address the religious meetings on the occasion of the first death anniversary of Maulana Syed Sibtain Rizvi held in Delhi and Varanasi. Allama Abbas Komeili currently heads Ja’faria Alliance of Pakistan and is actively involved with Forum Against Intolerance, Terrorism and hatred (FAITH). He said that till date no Shia group has advocated or established to form a Jihadist group against any orgnasation.

However, Allama Komeili claimed that average Shia and Sunni people have no problem in living together while there are some elements who want to create hatred among Muslims. He said that Shias are facing target killings in Pakistan. Thousands of Shia doctors, engineers and other professionals were vanished during last few years. He also said that the present Pakistan government has been trying hard to contain terrorism. He said that the seeds of sectarian hatredness were sowed under Ziaul Haq regime.

Allama Komeili, while answering a question on impact of Islamic Revolution of Iran on Pakistan, said that many Arab countries have sponsored several groups in Pakistan to counter influence of Iranian revolution in Pakistan. He said that the priorities of Saudis and American have changed in the current situation.