9/11, American project to dominate Middle East, says British lawmaker


London : The September 11 attacks were a “big moment for the new American century project” to start destructive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to dominate Middle East, a veteran member of the British parliament said.

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Jeremy Corbyn told IRNA that the 9/11 attacks were an “opportunity” for the US government and American think-tanks to wage “wars for resources” in the Middle East.

“The 9/11 was the opportunity for the project of the new American century to launch its wars…It means that the opportunity that the retaliation of the 9/11 offered was to start the war in Afghanistan,” he said.

He added that Americans “spotted” 9/11 attacks as a chance to push for the so-called war on terror in the US foreign policy towards the Middle East.

“Nearly 10 years after the 9/11 attacks, thousands of deaths and billions of pounds have been wasted on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…not to bring peace and stop terrorism,” he said, referring to the huge natural resources of Afghanistan as a target for the former Soviet Union and now American wars in that country.

Referring to the illegality of the US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Corbyn said American and British leaders staged these wars “tearing up the concept of justice, UN Charter and the international law”.

“We have [Tony] Balir’s lies…we have [George] Bush’s lies…regarding terrorism and weapons of mass destruction…However, we want a world based on law.”

Corbyn also criticised what he termed as the “obsession with imperialism and profit-mongering” by the West in the Middle East.

He said the Western wars in the Middle East are “wars for resources” which should have never been launched by the taxpayers’ money.