Prophet and Modern Age: Special issue of Afkar-e-Milli

By TCN News,

New Delhi: Afkar-e-Milli, an international Urdu news magazine, has come out with a special issue on “Prophet Muhammad (PBH) and the Modern Age “(Seerat-e- Muhammad (SAW) aur Asre Hazir). The issue discusses today’s problems in the light of the teachings of the Prophet.

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Afkar-e-Millii is a monthly news magazine published from New Delhi since 1986. Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas, Editor of the monthly said: “We have tried to analyze the present situation in the light of Prophet’s seerah. There is complete solution of modern problems and issues in Prophet’s life”.

This special issue contains several topics of today’s concern, like Human resource development, Beijing declaration on Women’s rights and Prophet Muhammad, Prophet Muhammad as an Ideal for human beings, Problems of the weaker sections and its solution in the life of Prophet, Consumerism, Economic inequality, Recession, Wisdom of teaching and Effective communication etc.

“Islamic teaching is not time bound. It is not for any particular age. People are wondering here and there, trying to get permanent solution, but if you go back to the Prophet you will find a complete solution”, said Dr Ilyas.

Explaining the contents of this special issue he further stated that “today everybody is engaged in developing human resource in such a way that various capabilities of a man can be utilized properly. We get a very perfect solution from the Prophet. His life is a perfect example for mankind.”

Afkar-e-Millii has published many special issues on different important topics. Among them Babri Masjid, Islamic Dawah in the Modern Age, Palestine, Muslim’s politics in India and 100 great Muslim’s of India in 20th century were very popular.