Hemant Karkare must be awarded with Bharat Ratna: S M Mushrif

By Rehan Ansari, TwoCircles.net,

Mumbai: That Hemant Karkare was brutally murdered since he was exposing Brahminical forces that are behind terrorist activities in India was the unanimous feeling among the speakers at a symposium “The real face of terror” jointly organized here on Friday by Dalit, Maratha and Muslim organizations.

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Demanding Bharat Ratna award for Hemant Karkare’s brave and exemplary work Shamshuddin M Mushrif, ex-Inspector General of Maharashtra Police and the author of the book “Who Killed Karkare?” claimed: “Through Intelligence Bureau, Media organizations and Brahminical forces, who are in minority among Brahmins, are giving erroneous information and hiding the anti-national activities of Abhinav Bharat and other such organizations from the government and manufacturing wrong consent of the masses through selective and malicious leak to the media.” He further informed that their aim is to change India from secular to an Aryavarath Hindu Rashtra.

S M Mushrif said his book is authentic and based on his vast experience in the Police department and research he has done.

About his claim in the book that those who killed Hemant Karkare were Indians and the other 6 came from Pakistan he said, “Eyewitness Anita Vaidya Kohli, who saw these terrorists, was illegally taken to the USA and when she came she recognized 6 bodies of terrorists and then forced for the others. Out of total 284 Voice Over Internet Phone (VOIP) records not a single call traced to the CST and Cama Hospital, out of 10 hours of call records of 3 mobile cards inserted by the RAW in the Terrorists network, no call was made to CST people. Terrorists at CST and Cama Hospital were speaking Marathi, reported by the Maharashtra Times and later on confirmed by a senior IAS officer.”

He also questioned “How the CC-TV cameras of the CST railway station were malfunctioning whereas cameras of all the other stations were functioning properly?”

S M Mushrif then referred to the recent High Court order whereby the Police Commissioner of Mumbai has to file an affidavit answering these questions.

He found a pattern in the bomb blast cases and the reaction of agencies and the police forces. He said, “Within hours after every blast intelligence and police agencies name few Muslim organsiations, then police make some already arrested or detained persons make some calls to create call records, then they discover explosives and devices from their homes, do a Panchnama with the two readymade witnesses and then the Police statements which usually are not signed.” He said that after doing this they produce the detained persons to the court and ask for Police custody and believing police courts grant them custody and thus these detainees ‘become’ the terrorists.

Detailing about the Abhinav Bharat’s role in terrorism he claimed that Hemant Karkare was killed for the two laptops he recovered whereby 20 meetings of Abhinav Bharat was recorded. Hemant Karkare could just report one in the charge sheet, which is available for scrutiny, and he was working on other 19 meeting records. Mushrif demanded release of the 19 meeting records.

Explaining about the detail of a meeting available with the charge sheet of Malegaon blast case, Mushrif said, “Col. Purohit, who was called by the then ATS chief K P Raghuvanshi to train Maharashtra Anti Terrorism Squad, used to supply explosives, ammunition and training, Sadhvi Pragya Singh provided people and other logistical support.”

Informing about their international links S M Mushrif said, “They met and convinced the King of Nepal for training, Hindu Rashtra, Flag and refuge for their cadre but they could convince Israel for only training and refuge and then Israel asked them to show their credential for which they started these blasts.”

Col. Sudhir Sawant, of Shivraj Party said, “Hemant Karkare was not killed but murdered.” He also believed the infiltration of Brahminical forces in the Intelligence agencies and referred to the National Investigation Agency leaking information about the David Headly, an American agent who did a recce of Mumbai and other places in India for LeT, to the Times of India and other media organization and questioned, “Intelligence agencies must gather the information, process it and then provide it to the concerned department and the government for an action but NIA is leaking these crucial information to the media.” He, therefore, demanded the dismissal of NIA.

Further he elaborated that the Intelligence Bureau is influencing the investigations of local Police and misdirecting them.

Col. Sudhir Sawant also informed, “We are sitting on 6 lac tones of explosives.” He said that form Rajasthan, 3 trucks of government explosives are missing with lacs of tones of explosives and no enquiry is held till now.”

Waman Meshram, All India President of Bamcef echoed the same sentiment that these Brahminical forces must be brought to book. He said, “There is no Hindu Muslim rift but was created by these forces (3% Brahmins) to rule India.” He also demanded that word Hindu must not be used for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and OBCs.”

He, however, disagreed with SM Mushrif that it’s only the Intelligence Bureau that is creating this havoc of terrorism but they got the backing of their Political Masters.”

Waman Meshram was very upset with the Allahabad High Court verdict on Babri Masjid-Ramjanbhoomi issue and announced, “Bamcef is going to launch a yearlong Nationwide agitation campaign against this verdict because it’s not anti Muslim but anti-people.”

The programme was jointly organized by Shivraj party, Bamcef, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Sambhaji Brigade, Jijau Brigade and Bombay Aman Committee.