Hearing on petition to search for amicable solution to Ayodhya dispute on Sep 17

By TCN Staff Reporter,

Lucknow: The Special full bench of the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court hearing the case of the title suit in Ayodhya issue will hear the application moved for amicable settlement of the dispute on September 17.

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Earlier, three applications were filed by the applicants namely Sunder Lal Jain, Ch. Ali Umar Qureshi and Sudesh Gupta, Dr Dhruv Sen Singh and Izhar Hussain, Lt Col Kuldeep Singh, Dr Sunil Pal, Dr Amit Singh and Ramesh Chandra Tripathi.

The applicant Sunder Lal Jain and Ch. Ali Umar Qureshi in their application submitted that they are social workers with full faith in secular fabric of the country. They submitted that the issue is sensitive in nature and the matter may be resolved peacefully. They further submitted that the due to the judgment peace and harmony will be disturbed and unnecessary loss of life and property will occur. They have prayed before the Court in the application that the delivery of judgment may be deferred and the issue should be settled by the means of mediation.

In the second application by Sudesh Gupta and others, the application submitted that as central government has failed to provide adequate security due to upcoming Common Wealth Games, the verdict should be deferred till the games are over.

The third application has been moved by Ramesh Chandra Tripathi who is one of the party (no. 17) has submitted in his application that it is being contemplated that communal riots may erupt due to the verdict of the Ayodhya issue. He further submitted that in larger interest of the country, a round table talks with all the parties be held for settling the issue amicably.

The aforesaid applications will be heard by the Court on September 17 at 2:30 pm.

The verdict on the title suit of Babri Masjid is scheduled to be announced on September 24.