Anti-Muslim lobbyists in India

By Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadvi,

Anti-Muslim lobbyists wrote and published thousands of articles in favor of Maulana Vastanvi. Some leading English newspapers wrote editorials on this issue. They criticized Darul Uloom Deoband and made attempts to interfere in the issue which was not related to national politics. These lobbyists that have soft corner for saffron terrorists and terrorism made efforts to make country feel how Ulema and Muslim religious body are anti development of Muslim community, and how this body removed a modern and an educated person who wanted to bring development and modernity to Muslims.

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These lobbyists that have a great impact on country’s political and economic affairs make mountains out of mole-hills and cry over this nonsense and unnecessary issue, while they prefer to keep their mouth shut over injustice done to Muslims by so-called educated and narrow-minded class of this country.

They feel shy and find themselves in vacillation in highlighting the issue of Muslim youths who are languishing in jails and are denied a fair trial in a democratic country where arrested Muslim youths are being treated undemocratically.

They open big mouth to condemn Ulema, Islamic law and Sharia, while they pretend as they are deaf and dumb when the issue of injustice is brought before them.

When Ulema say something and do something they feel their birth-right to oppose them and call them anti-Muslims and anti-development while they support openly and deliberately anti-Muslims development move.

They are not sympathizers of Muslims; indeed they are the slaves of interests. They are the champion of spreading hatred and hiding the truth. They hate terrorism and want stern punishment to terrorists but when saffron terrorists get bail they do not express their anger and dissatisfaction. They talk about justice, equality and rights but when Muslim leaders bring the issues of innocent Muslim youths who are languishing in jails for terror charges; they turn their faces or try to delude with fair words.

About Muslim issues, they just talk with no substance. If they are asked to say something about Ulema and Madarsas they feel no hesitation in writing thousands of pages, while they feel hemming and hawing to say something about discrimination and injustice being done with Muslims in the very country for which Muslims made all sacrifices without hope of reward or post.
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