Ban organizations involved in terror acts: activists and organizations

By TCN News,

Thiruvananthapuram: In the wake of the new developments which disclose more facts related to the involvement of Sangh Parivar groups in terror activities, demand is also rising for a ban of those organizations involved in terror. Social, cultural and human rights activists as well as several organizations have demanded that the RSS, whose role in the blasts has been revealed, should be banned.

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Patriots should be ready to isolate and defeat the RSS, who are the advocates of Hindutva terror, since it is clear once again that they are the real enemies of India, opined the Popular Front of India. PFI state general secretary P Abdul Hameed challenged the BJP to speak against the RSS when the role of the organisation in different blasts has been revealed by Swami Assemananda. The BJP which is planning a ‘Kerala Raksha Yathra’ should stop it and march to the RSS headquarters instead. What is being acknowledged now is just what the PFI has been telling people for the last two decades. The Centre government should be ready to re-investigate all the blast cases in the country since 1992 by an independent agency.

In the wake of the new revelations of Swami Assemananda regarding the bomb blast cases in India, all the culprits in the blast cases should be immediately arrested and punished in an exemplary way, demanded the state secretariat of the Ithihadu Shubbanil Mujahideen. The revelations of Aseemananda reveal that those who were trying to portray a section as terrorists, accusing them of terror and creating fake encounters, were actually concealing the anti-national acts and terrorist activities of the Hindutva terrorists. Mujeebrahman Kinaloor, NM Abdul Jaleel, IP Abdussalam, Jafer Vanimel, etc spoke.

The investigations on the terrorist links of the Hindutva forces should be attended to seriously and the culprits be brought before law, demanded the People’s Democratic Party. The testimony of Aseemananda, that it was Sangh Parivar organizations which gave financial help and aid to the blasts that rocked the country, indeed is a bad mark for the Sangh Parivar organisations which claim doubtless patriotism. It is indeed dangerous that the source of finance for all this is the espionage groups which spend men and money to destroy the country.

The Muslim Youth League state committee demanded that all the RSS traitors who have tried to create riots in the country by carrying out blasts killing innocents should be imprisoned. All those innocent Muslim youth who were arrested for the terrorist crimes done by the RSS should be immediately released. All the police officers who helped it should be tried and punished in an exemplary manner, opined president KM Shaji and general secretary Adv N Shamsudheen.

The state representative council of the Kerala Muslim Jamat Union and the Muslim Jamat Co-ordination also called for a ban of the RSS and a thorough investigation into all the blasts in the country.

Social and human rights activists demanded a ban of the organizations involved in terror activities in the wake of the recent developments. As it is clear now that the terror activities of around two decades have been carried out by Hindutva forces, the Muslim youths who have been jailed and tortured in their names should be immediately released and apt compensation given. It is a matter of relief that even the Congress spokesperson has demanded for a ban of the RSS. Still, the Congress government which rules the country should not lag in banning these organisations. Investigation should be carried out regarding the foreign hands also which misled the investigation by giving the Muslim name of ‘Asif Kasmani’ instead of that of Swami Assemananda in the Samjhautha blast case. The investigation on the activities of Suresh Nair, the Malayali who works based in Gujarat, in Kerala should be hastened. Those who try to jeopardize the investigation by making Suresh Nair as ‘Nayyar’ also should be brought before the law. The financial source of the prominent persons in the Malayalam film industry who make films promoting the saffron terror should also be investigated, the statement said.

Prof TB Vijayakumar, Dr Bheem Jayaraj, Ramesh Nenmanda, Dr MS Jayaprakash, Gafoor Puthuppadi, Mukundan Peruvattoor, Prof Raju Thomas, Warul Jafer, Adv PR Suresh, Prof Kunnil Basheer, Adv S Prahladan, Dr Usman, Adv TS Joshi, Koottikkada Ashraf, Dr PK Sukumaran, Adv A Jayaram and Adv K Subhash Chandran signed the statement.