Killing of Salman Taseer: An open letter to Maulana Ilyas Qadri

By TCN News,

New Delhi: Civil society members in India have felt deep pain at the brutal killing of Salman Taseer, Governor of Punjab (Pakistan), and have condemned the gruesome act. In an open letter to Maulana Ilyas Qadri, leader of Dawat-e-Islami group to which the assassin is believed to have attached, Muslim intellectuals, students and civil rights activists have said the killing of the governor was un-Islamic and did not match the character of the Prophet.

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Aassalam-o Alikum

We are unable to restrain ourselves from writing to you with regard to the recent killing of Mr. Salman Taseer, governor of Punjab (Pakistan), because it is learnt that the man allegedly responsible for this killing is a cadre of your organization Dawate-islami (jamat).

We would like to request you to ponder if this is in conformity with the teachings of Islam and the path which the Prophet has shown us. We reproduce below some verses of the naa’t, describing Prophet’s personality, which we have heard on your channel several times.

salaam us par ke jis ney khoon key pyason ko qabain deen
salaam us par ke jis ney gaaliyaan sun kar duaien deen
salaam us par ke asrare mohabbat jis ney sikhlaeen
salaam us par ke jis ney zakhm khaa kar phool barsaey
salaam us par ke jo majruh huaa bazaar-e Taif mein …

The person responsible for the killing seems to be the anti-thesis of the above-mentioned aspects of the greatest personality ever born on this earth.

Can a true follower of Islam forget the scene of Taif, where our great prophet was being beaten; though badly injured, he did not even utter a word of hatred for those who were throwing stones at him; on the contrary, he prayed for their well-being. It seems that your followers have forgotten important lessons from the life of our beloved prophet.

Please recall that, in the light of Islam, the killer of prophet’s uncle, Hazrat Hamza, was forgiven by the prophet.

Please recall that Ubai bin Salool kept on torturing prophet all through his life, but Prophet led the proceedings at his funeral service.

Your organization claims to follow sufis (saints). Please enlighten us if that is the way shown to us by the likes of Moinuddin Chishti, Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya, Data Saheb, Baba Fareed.

I am pained that those claiming to be Muslim are responsible for, and have rejoiced, the heinous murder, whereas the true followers of Islam ought to condemn this brutal killing. We demand that you apologize to the family members of late Salman Taseer on behalf of your organization. In order not to tarnish the image of Islam, Prophet and Sufis, we request you to renounce the politics of murder and mayhem in their name.

Signatories to the open letter:

Asad ashraf — NSAF
Dayaan hussain -Advocate -ASSAM
Faisal khan – NAPM -Delhi
R. kauser -socaial activist -West Bengal
Nasir pathan –RTI activist -Gujarat
Ehtisham Hashmi- Advocate –MP
kaleemullah – Social activist – Bihar
Shahab Ul Haque- J & K
Nazim Abbasi – Musician, New Delhi
Wassem Khan – Saudi Arab
Fahad Hasan – AJK Mass Communication, J.M.I
Shakeel Ahmed- Management Student, Delhi
Maulana Mujeeb Qasmi – Student, Deoband
Mohsin Ali – NSAF, Saharanpur
Danish Qureshi- J.M.I, New Delhi
Syed Perwaiz- Journalist
Enab Khizra – Pioneer Foundation of India
Maulana Feroz- Kargil student forum
Mehdi Hasan – Social Activist Dhubri, Assam
Maaz Khan- Journalist- E.T.V
Hammad Khan- R.T.I Activist, Amroha, U.P
Atiq Ahmed- Ghar bachao,Ghar bano, Mumbai
Mohd Khalid –Software Engineer, Mumbai
Mohd.Asghar-Social Activist, Orissa
Mohd.Ahmed,Asha Pariwaar, Haryana
Mohd.Anwar-K.K.Trust, Chennai
Dr.Zakia Akhtar – Research Scholar, New Delhi
Mohd.Abid.Youth movement of India, Bhilwara, Rajasthan
Syed.Ali Akhtar- Yuva Koshish, New Delhi
Mehboob Subhani-Student leader-Nellore, A.P
Maulana.Fateh Mohd. Nadwi-U.P
Shah Alam-Filmmaker-Ayodhya
Shariq Ahmed- Advancement of social Action, Uttarakhand
Jabir Boga- Social Activist,Vapi, Gujarat
Shamsul Rehman- Advocate, Assam
Zahid Khan- Journalist, New Delhi
Farah Kausar – Student, Delhi
Akram Akhtar- Student leader, Delhi University
Zubair Darzi – Photographer
Adil Khan- Poet, Panipat, Haryana
Syed Anisur Rehman-Student, Jamia Miliia Islamia
Shawaiz Danish-P.N.,Delhi
Shoaib Akhtar- P.N.I
Dr.Zubair Ahmed – Medical Student, Ghaziabad
Ali Adil khan-Editor –Isma Times, Delhi
Syed.Rishad Ikmal, Orissa
Asif Mazhar Ansari- S.S Engineering College, Mumbai
Mohd.Tariq-M.S.W, Aligarh Muslim University
Salaman- Asha Pariwar-Delhi
Danish Ahmed- Political Activist, Gujarat
Dr.Islam- Jind, Haryana
Mohd.Gufran Khan –Prominent Photographer
Mohd.Shafi- Social Activist, Godhra, Gujarat
Mohd.Kaunain Rizvi- Haideri Foundation
S.Aleemuddin- Khera, Gujarat
Ghulam Rabbani- Social Activist, Delhi
Feroz Vani-Social Activist, Srinagar
Yousuf Ansari-Chairman-Salam India Foundation
Fazal Abbas-Social Activist
S.Mohd.Akhtar- Software Engineer- Gurgaon
Sana Maryam- Ajk Mass Communication, Jamia Millia Islamia