Hindus also demand justice for innocent Muslim youths

By TCN Staff Writer,

New Delhi: It is not only Muslims and their organizations who are demanding release and compensation for the jailed innocent Muslim youths, educated Hindus are also coming up to support the demand of the community in the wake of the confession of RSS pracharak and terror accused Swami Assemanand.

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Several learned Hindu netizens have reacted to the news of release of Abdul Kaleem whose story of torture in Mecca Masjid blast case move the heart of Aseemanand pushing him to confess his role in the terror blasts in the country.

In his comment on the TOI news “Man who inspired Aseemanand gets bail” on 17th Jan. 2011, a reader named Chandu from Pune wrote in the comment box below the news report on the TOI web page:

“Yes, our governments need to pay those who were accused and were not proven. Strict and stringent action to be taken on those who have filed the case, instead of putting back defamation cases back on them. So that people will stop misutilizing the law. This has become a trend putting a case and blackmailing the accused for money.”

Shaikh Abdul Kaleem, who was in jail allegedly for smuggling cell phone to his jailed brother, was released on bail by the Ranga Reddy court on Monday. Kaleem was earlier arrested in the Mecca Masjid blast case also in 2007 but after one and half years in jail, the court acquitted him of all charges. During his interaction with Aseemanand in Hyderabad jail in December 2010 Kaleem told him his story of torture and implication in the masjid blast case.

Another reader UK Iyer from Chennai put his comment to Kaleem’s news thus:

“Those falsely implicated and jailed need to be suitably compensated. Poor guys in the prime of their lives. However, Aseemanand’s story seems to have a catch. If he was merely a tool, he wouldn’t be there today. Is it just a set-up to confuse the Public at large? Several questions remain unanswered.”

Another reader from Mumbai wrote that Aseemanand was just a tool. Real culprits RSS/BJP are safe:

“Yes there is a catch. And the catch is that this is how the Sangh Parivar operates. Every time they take on a new mission, the key members of the operation “leave” their organization and form their own small front group which does the dirty work. That way of they are caught, the parent organizations such as the RSS and the BJP cannot be linked to the perpetrators and their leadership is not subject to a probe. That is what Nathuram Godse did before he assasinated Gandhi: He left the RSS. You think Godse alone would have been able to contemplate such a major plan, let alone execute it? No, he had a strong hand backing him. The “hand” was never investigated because the departing british did not want trouble.”

Source: Tehelka