PDP to take Kashmir issue to national level


Jammu : The main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is planning to take the resolution of the Kashmir issue at the national level to give the message that “the problem cannot be pushed under the carpet”.

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In a statement issued here Thursday, party president Mehbooba Mufti said “the core issue for PDP remains the peaceful resolution of the problem of Jammu and Kashmir and it would continue to strive for it within the democratic space”.

The PDP president said the party would “use all the available forums within the state and in the country to bring the Kashmir problem into focus and put it in the right perspective as we would need a sympathetic and well-informed public opinion to help the cause of the state”.

Though the statement did not specify as to how the party would project this issue at the national level, sources in the party said that it would be sending its party leaders across the country to tell about the Kashmir issue.

She said: “The awareness created in the country as a result of the recent turmoil that cost numerous innocent lives needs to be built upon to achieve an amicable solution that is endorsed by a majority of people.”

Mehbooba said she “expected the message to go home to the government that the Kashmir problem cannot be pushed under the carpet and neither would it disappear without being resolved”.