Centre has released Rs 1800 crore for minority districts

By TCN News,

New Delhi: Till 31st Dec. 2010, the Union Ministry of Minority Affairs has released over Rs. 1,800 crore to the States/ UTS for the welfare of Minorities under the Multi-Sectoral Development Programme (MsDP) that is being implemented in 90 minority concentration districts spread across 20 states.

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Of these 90 MCDs, district plans of 89 have been considered and approved by the Ministry of Minority Affairs till date. On the other hand, the states have submitted details of expenditure of a little over Rs. 724.61 crore.

Of the 90 MCDs, the maximum amount of a little over Rs. 533.92 crore has been released for Uttar Pradesh which has also the maximum number of 21 MCDs.

Minority Concentration Districts have been lagging behind in terms of critical socio-economic and basic amenities parameters and require focused attention and specific programme intervention. The Multi-Sectoral Development Programme (MsDP) for the welfare of Minorities aims at improving the quality of life of the people of these districts and reducing imbalances in line with the priority attached to inclusive growth. Identified ‘development deficits’ in education, sanitation, pucca housing, drinking water, electricity supply etc. and absolutely critical infrastructure linkages like basic health infrastructure, ICDS centres, skill development and marketing facilities are addressed through this programme. The focus of this programme is on rural and semi-rural areas of the identified 90 MCDs. The programme was launched in 2008-09.