Apprehensive of BJP, Congress not working for welfare of Muslims: Mulayam

By Faisal Fareed,,

Lucknow: Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Mulayam Singh Yadav lashed out at Congress for being anti-Muslims during a press conference in New Delhi on Sunday. Yadav alleged that Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are two sides of the same coin which do not want social, economic and educational uplift of the Muslims.

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Yadav referred to a report prepared by Harsh Mander who is a member of National Advisory Council headed by UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, which as per Yadav has exposed the Congress.

Mulayam Singh Yadav [Photo courtesy:]

“Congress has betrayed the Muslims. It is even shy of using the word Muslims as it is apprehensive of losing Hindu votes. A separate minority welfare department has been set up but the funds of this department are siphoned away in other areas,” claimed Mulayam. He stated that no scheme is prepared for the development of Muslims by the department and funds are diverted to other minorities. “Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is a coward when it comes to taking up Muslim issues,” he said. He claimed that the minority dominated districts as mentioned in Sachar Committee report have been neglected with little funds released and only promises are being made. “You cannot ignore one fourth population of the country which is Muslims. They also have equal right over the resources of the nation. They were in the forefront during the freedom struggle. If Congress is afraid of BJP for taking up welfare issue of Muslims, it should relinquish power,” said Mulayam.

Later, Mulayam also condemned the death of Faiz Usmani who was picked up by Mumbai police in wake of Mumbai blasts. Mulayam stated that Faiz was murdered and a case of murder be lodged against the police officials who picked Faiz from his house. “The murder of Faiz should be probed by a high power team of human rights commission,” he said.