Missing nurse had affairs with other ministers too?


Jodhpur : The CBI has uncovered clues suggesting that a missing nurse may have had relations with three other Rajasthan ministers besides sacked minister Mahipal Maderna, informed sources said Sunday.

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The Central Bureau of Investigation has discovered that Bhanwari Devi had amassed wealth although she drew a salary of only Rs.8,000 a month, the sources said.

The CBI is investigating her source of income too.

The nurse, the sources said, may have had relations with three other Rajasthan ministers and three senior officials in the state government.

Bhanwari Devi went missing from Jodhpur’s Bilara area Sep 1.

Maderna was sacked from the cabinet Oct 16 over allegations that he had a role in her disappearance after she allegedly started blackmailing him on the basis of a CD showing them in a compromising position.

“The CBI has got clues that Bhanwari had relations with not only Maderana but with some other prominent and powerful people in the state including three ministers and three IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officers,” a senior police officer who did not want to be named told IANS.

However, the officer refused to divulge the name of these politicians and bureaucrats.

Informed sources said the CBI had recently recovered CDs from the house of Sohan Lal Vishnoi, a key suspect in Bhanwari Devi’s kidnapping case.

“It is possible that Bhanwari was blackmailing not only Maderna but other people also,” said the officer.

In one of the two audio clips which surfaced Thursday and Friday, Bhanwari Devi mentions about a CD hidden in a bank locker in Ajmer.