A Mehfil-e-Ghazal in Toronto

By TCN News,

Toronto: The city of Toronto came alive on November 19th with a Mehfil-e-Ghazal organized by the Hyderabad Deccan Foundation of Canada (HDFC). The event, held at the Noor Cultural Centre, featured Sajid Rauf, a renowned ghazal singer from Hyderabad. Mr. Rauf comes from an illustrious musical family and his father (Arif Rauf) and grandfather (Mohammed Abdul Rauf) are considered legends of the classical form of this art.

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The program was moderated by Mr. Siddiq Burney and began with informative speeches on the art of ghazal by noted Urdu scholar Dr. Taqi Abedi and famous music director Mr. Sohail Rana.

Mr. Sajid Rauf’s masterly rendition of the ghazals of renowned poets thoroughly enthralled the audience. His spellbinding performance included the works of Makhdoom Mohiuddin, Prince Moazzam Jah Shaji, Khumar Barabankvi, and Saeed Shahidi, etc.

HDFC chairman Mr. Bashir Beg in his remarks said that the aim of the organization is to preserve the unique Hyderabadi culture and heritage for future generations. The revival of this much neglected art form is but one part of this goal. He appreciated the support of the community and announced that there are plans to hold more of such programs in the future in addition to the annual grand function. He thanked the directors and volunteers of HDFC for their hard work and commitment to the organization.