Sonia seeks opposition support to run parliament


New Delhi: With parliament’s proceedings stalled since the start of the winter session a week ago, Congress president Sonia Gandhi Tuesday sought support of the opposition parties in passing some important legislations.

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Addressing her first public rally post-surgery, Gandhi said the government is working for an effective Lokpal bill to fight corruption.

“Together, with an effective Lokpal bill, the government is working on a variety of legislations which will systematically fight corruption. I hope the opposition will support us in passing these important measures,” she told the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) delegates at a convention here.

Gandhi said the political system needs administrative, judicial and electoral reforms including state funding of elections and fast tracking of corruption cases.

“In the last few months, there has been much talk about corruption. Corruption is indeed a plague of public life and we are committed to eradicate it. Our actions have shown this. The Right to Information (RTI), which our government brought in, places in hands of the people a powerful weapon against corruption,” she said.

Gandhi appealed to the Youth Congress members to make sure that the schemes of the central government reaches all eligible people.

“Youth Congress members should provide feedback to the party and wherever these schemes are not reaching the common man, they should act as a pressure group for their proper implementation,” she said.

She said the government led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has taken number of measures that have brought great relief to the common man while ensuring them their rights.

“It is our government that brought in Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, Right to Information, Right to Education, and Forest Rights Act. The Right to Food bill is to be introduced in current session. The Aadhar scheme will give all people the right to identity,” she added.

The convention was attended by 7,000 delegates at the Japanese Park in Rohini in northwest Delhi. This is the largest convention of Youth Congress delegates since her son and party general secretary Rahul Gandhi took charge of the youth wing in 2007. Tuesday was the last day of the two-day event.