Batla House to Mecca Masjid, a yatra to raise awareness about illegal terror arrests

By TCN News,

New Delhi: Though there have not been any major terrorism incident for a while but the illegal detention and witch-hunting of Muslims has continued unabated. A yatra will start from Batla House on Thursday to raise awareness about illegal arrests of Muslim youth.

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Yatra will end on April 21st at Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad. It is organized jointly by Khudai Khidmatgar, NAPM, Mission Bhartiyam, ANHAD, and Sadbhav Mission.

Statement issued by the organizers:

As we all are aware of the fact that nowadays terrorism and illegal arrests are common and this has put forward a question towards Nations peace , brotherhood and communal integrity .India as a nation has always embraced Hindus and Muslims together as one where they not even stay together with peace and Harmony but are also involved in the sharing of each other’s pains and problems .This has been the history of India right from hundreds of year to till date and nowhere in the world we can find this unique example. If we truly by heart want that country should be free from terrorism and there should be harmony and peace, it is essential that we should go to the depth of the problems without the prejudice of relating terrorism to any particular community or religion,of this kind of prejudice prevail to persist in the mind of ours then innocent people will continue to get arrested.This will not even pose a great threat to the democratic fabric of the nation but also there will be widespread distrust , hatred among common people and various segments of society.

Since the recent release of several youths proven innocent by the Court of law, it is a necessity and demand of time that we all should rise above religion and community and with the basic foundation of humanity try to deal with this problem.


April 12th New Delhi,
13th – Agra – Jhansi,
14th – Bhopal – Khandwa,
15th – Burhanpur – Jalgaon,
16th – Malegaon – Pune,
17th – Belgaum – Hubli,
18th – Bengaluru,
19th – Chennai,
20th – Nellore – Vijayawada,
21st – Hyderabad.


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