Hundreds attend Jamia Millia Islamia Alumni meet in Riyadh

By TCN News,

Riyadh: Jamia Millia Islamia Alumni Association, Riyadh, organized a meet titled “A Jamia Campus across the Sea” on April 12, 2012. This convergence of Jamiaites took place at Albustan rest house, located in the historic Wadi Haneefa, close to the city center. Aside from affording opportunities for interaction, cooperation and camaraderie between Jamia alumni, the event was themed around the promotion of Urdu among the young and the old. Over three hundred people participated in the event. This annual event was first started in 2008. The name “A Jamia Campus across the Sea” was coined by Mr. Ghizal Mahdi, a prominent Jamiaite.

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The spacious field of the rest house hosted a cricket match held between two teams picked on the spot from among the alumni. The match was played in a friendly atmosphere. Young and not so young Jamiaites participated in the event. It appeared that many of them have not yet lost their touch. Syed Aftab Ali Nizami and Mr. Azmatullah Khan, the two captains, played a vital role in organizing the match by preparing the pitch and making available the cricket kit.

Urdu Literary Forum
As the twilight set in, the gentle notes of Urdu poetry came alive. Members, divided into two teams, participated in what is called Bait Baazi. Member of one team recites a couplet; members of the opposing team respond with a couplet starting with the last letter with which the couplet recited by the first team has ended. The anchor of this program, Mr. Abdul Rahman, who is a poet in his own right, moderated the proceedings with aplomb. Notable by their exuberance and enthusiastic participation were Mr. Shabbir Nadwi, Mr. Salman Abrar, Mr. Mohammad Haroon Qasmi and Mr. Mohammad Asjad, Mr. Mohammad Irfan and Mr. Abbas Ali Siddiqui. It was perfect entertainment for the guests who had started to flow in huge numbers.

Kid’s Corner
While parents savored the sweet mellifluence of Urdu poetry, children displayed their creativity with colors. Divided into five groups, 63 children from Nursery to Class V participated in drawing and painting competition. Budding artists unleashed their creativity using different colors. Led by Mrs. Razia Zaidi, a team of Art teachers comprising Mrs. Iffat Nadeem, Mrs. Sania Nisar, and Mrs. Nazima Tanseer, ably managed the drawing and painting competition. Samples of drawings shall be posted on the association’s website.

Budding Urdu Writers
In line with the theme of the event, children from class VI to XII participated in Urdu Essay competition on the topic of Jamia Millia Islamia in Urdu. Quite a few students participated in the event. Dr. Hafeezur Rahman, Dr. Madni Ahmad and Mr. Najeeb Qasmi supervised the proceedings. They along with Mr. Ata Zia also judged the essays. The Urdu essay competition was held with a view to encourage children to express themselves in Urdu. Dr. Madni, addressing the general body explained the standards adopted in judging the winners.

Sitting from right to left: JMIAA President: Mr. Khurshid Anwar; Chief Guest: Mr. Nadeem Nadwi; JMIAA General Secretary: Zafar A. Bari; JMIAA Vice President: Syed Aftab Ali Nizami; JMIAA Joint Secretary: Naushad Alam; JMIAA Treasurer: Abdur Rahman.
Standing Left to Right( JMIAA Executive Members): Wasiullah NAdwi, Zafar Alam, Nafees, Azmatullah Khan, Adeel Anwar.

The main program was compered by Mr. Ahsan Nadwi, who is an eloquent public speaker. The program began with the introduction of the new office bearers and the executive committee. In a symbolic gesture, each office bearer received a bouquet of flowers from his predecessor. The chief guest, Mr. Nadem Nadwi, CEO of Saudi Cricket Center and a prominent Jamiate in the Kingdom, was welcomed by senior Jamiaites including Mr. Salman Azmi, Mr. Shahabuddin, and Mr. Abdul Ghani, each of whom presented a bouquet.

Syed Aftab Ali Nizami receiving a bouquet from Laeeque Ahmad Azmi

A Note of Welcome
The program began with a recitation of the Holy Quran by Mr. Abdul Mateen. Thereafter, the President of the Association, Mr. Khursheed Anwar welcomed the guests. He stressed on the need to imbibe democratic spirit. He urged members to shed the mistrust and misgivings of the past and move forward for the welfare of the Jamiaites.

General-Secretary Zafar A. Bari presented the report of the association highlighting the participatory approach followed by the cabinet in order to benefit optimally from all resources and talents. He also dwelt on the theme of the program which was aimed at promotion of Urdu. He said the website was being updated and the directory committee is working hard to release on the foundation day. Bari said that more interactive programs would be held in the future.

Zafar A. Bari presenting the report of the Association. Mr. Ahsan Nadwi, Mr. Khursheed Anwar and Mr. Nadeem Nadwi on the dais.

Three Lectures
Following which, three lectures were imparted on Jamia’s role in the promotion of Urdu.

Ghizal Mahdi, a Jamiaite and former student leader, highlighted the role of Jamia in popularizing Urdu language at the common level by citing the steps the University has taken over the years, such as introducing compulsory Elementary Urdu at graduation level, offering correspondence Urdu course for non-Urdu speaking persons, adopting Urdu as a medium of instruction and examination for all courses at all levels except certain professional courses, housing three Urdu medium schools on its campus, and being home to Maktaba Jamia Ltd. ( A huge publication network that produces thousands a books every year in Urdu, including books and magazines on children’s literature). It has also named many of its buildings, gates, and doors in a way that compels the visitor to know about them such as “Babe Mahmoodul Hasan”, Khyabane Ajmal”, Dyare Meer Taqi Meer”, and “Jhane Khusro”.

Former President, Mr. Murshid Kamal lamented the disuse of Urdu and the hypocrisy of the parents who bemoan the decline of Urdu but do not send their children to Urdu Medium Schools. He said that products of Urdu medium schools are in no way inferior to those from their counterparts in the English Medium Schools.

Dr. Shfaatullah Khan, senior founding member, recounted his days as an employee of Jamia, where applications were submitted in chaste Urdu. He talked about various facilities including the Maktaba Jamia Ltd. and monthly magazines such as “Jamia Monthly” and “Islam and the Modern Age” that are published by Jamia. He also highlighted significant role being played by Urdu correspondence course in spreading Urdu language to non- Urdu speakers throughout India and abroad. He felt that these endeavors needed to be revitalized and re-energized.

Mr. Nadeem Nadwi, the chief guest, said that he was born and brought up in Jamia itself and had a strong sense of association with the institution. He also talked about the role of the Saudi Cricket Center, of which he is the CEO. He said that the Center is trying to promote cricket among Saudis as well as non-Saudis. He assured the association of his support in all matters pertaining to cricket.

Chief Guest: Mr. Nadeem Nadwi addressing the audience

Open Forum
In order to encourage the participation of General Body members in the decision making process, an open forum was held. Mr. Ghizal Mahdi and Mr. Mustufa raised some pertinent matters relevant to the association, which were noted by the office bearers.

Prize Distribution
After which gifts, prizes and mementos were distributed. Mr. Najeeb Qasmi announced the prize winners. Prizes were sponsored by Mr. Akram and Dr. Tanseer. Winners were given a memento, gift and certificate of merit. Participants were given a certificate of participation. All children received toys and gifts and departed with smile writ large on their faces.

Syed Aftab Ali Nizami, Najeeb Qasmi, Jave Khan and Mohammad Ghayasuddin distributing prizes

Mr. Sayed Aftab Ali Nizami, Vice President thanked everyone on behalf of the association for making the program successful. Significant contributions were made by Mr. Adeel Ahmad, Mr. Masood Farooqui, Dr. Tansir, Mr. Asif Eqbal, Mr. Abdul Ghani, Mr. Laique Azmi, Mr. Zuhair Islam, Mr. Zafar Alam,Mr. Irshad Ahmad, Mr. Shabbeer Nadwi, Mr. Mohammad Ghayasuddin, Mr. Irfanullah, and others.

Mr. Naushad Alam, Joint Secretary also played a key role in the implementation of the program.