BJP takes a U-turn: wants release of those who desecrated Hanuman Temple

By Mohd. Ismail Khan,,

Hyderabad: Taking a colossal U-turn on their earlier stand BJP now takes on the street to protest against the SIT for allegedly targeting Hindu youths. It was the same BJP which was putting pressure on the SIT to arrest the culprits in the Hanuman temple desecration.

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The protesting BJP activists demanded that police should withdraw cases against the Hindu youths and punish the ‘real’ culprits. They alleged that police is taking partisan policies and targeting Hindu youths. Two days back SIT sleuths arrested four persons having links with Hindu Vahini on the charges of desecrating temple and triggering communal riots.

The protest was led by Mr. Baddam Bal Reddy of VHP, Govind Rathi of Hindu Vahini and local consular Sahadev Yadav of BJP. They halted the traffic at busy Sayedabad Junction and even tried to take out rally in Muslim dominated area to protest against the alleged harassment of Hindu youths. They were taken into preventive custody before entering into Muslim locality.

Interestingly both Baddam Reddy and Sahadev Yadav actively participated and allegedly led the rally that targeted the Muslim properties after the temple desecration. Criminal cases are pending against them for instigating communal riots, and they are also expected to be arrested soon.

The paradox is that few days back both Bajrang Dal and BJP protested to arrest and solve the temple desecration case immediately, but when the things didn’t go as they thought and SIT arrested activists of Hindu Vahini they are back on street alleging that police obtained confessional statement by harassing them.

BJP is now seemed alerted because according to the police those four arrested were just the pawns in the whole nasty conspiracy to trigger the riots. SIT is expected to arrest the masterminds of the conspiracy.