Sunny morning in Agra lights up residents, tourists


Agra : The residents of Agra city and tourists alike were delighted Tuesday morning when the sun shone brightly over the city for the first time in several months, giving everyone some respite from the chilly weather.

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“Foreign tourists particularly are enjoying the warm sunshine. A few even want to get tanned,” said Ved Gautam, a tourist guide.

The lengthening days are also helping election candidates catch up on electioneering in the last phases.

“The plants have begun to smile after being shrunk and wilted for days due to cold. A riot of colours, including violet, white and pink, brightens up the ambience in the parks,” noted eco-activist Ravi Singh, adding that this is the time for mustard and potato picking.

“The fields on both sides of the national highway are green and yellow. The wheat stalks are growing taller and with the weather being generally good this winter, we should see a bumper production,” said development functionary Subhash Jha.

The only section that is unhappy is the younger crowd, disappointed by the postponement of the annual ten-day cultural extravaganza, the Taj Mahotsava, due to state assembly elections.

“Taj Mahotsava used to be such fun and an escape for the students. But this year, they have postponed it by a month. Now mid-March will be too hot and we will all be busy with exams, so where is the fun?” commented engineering student Santosh Kumar.

“After St. Valentine’s Day till Holi, the weather is the most romantic. But this year, the time table has been disturbed by man and nature both,” said Surendra Sharma, president of the Braj Mandal Heritage Conservation Society.