AMU Maharashtra alumni to revive Aligarh Movement

By Md. Mudassir Alam,

Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association of Maharashtra (AMUAAM) is bound to take a leap forward by re-igniting the flame of famous ‘Aligarh Movement’. Aligarh Movement is remembered as a great social and educational reform movement started by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan for Muslims to improve their socio-economic condition and bringing in educational reforms. But unfortunately this great movement, over the years, has lost its momentum and steam mainly due to absence of any other charismatic personality like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to take it forward. Though few individual efforts had been put by some concerned alumni of AMU and other notable figures but their efforts didn’t yield the desired results. AMUAAM has realized that it is the need of hour to revive the Aligarh Movement as the community is still lacking far behind in education and their socio-economic condition is getting worse, now such a step requires sincere efforts from individuals and bodies — those are concerned and are honestly looking forward to address this issue. AMUAAM thus started bringing such Individuals and bodies on a common platform from where sincere and serious efforts can be made to revive the theme of Aligarh Movement and benefit the community at large.

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A meeting was organized by AMUAAM on Sunday (July 15, 2012) in Mumbai, to discuss the revival of “Aligarh Movement”, Maharashtra Govt.’s lukewarm response for AMU Campus in Aurangabad, building of “Syed House” in Mumbai and other pertinent issues.

Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association of Maharashtra (AMUAAM)held a meeting in Mumbai on 15th July to discuss ways to revive Sir Syed’s Aligarh Movement

Former Vice Chancellor of AMU, P.K. Abdul Aziz with a direction from central government had decided to open five campuses of AMU in different parts of India, and Maharashtra was one of them. The site had been finalized by the University officials a long time back and the indication of the same had been forwarded to the state government to allot the site to University but till today the state government has shown no interest in expediting the whole issue due to which the campus construction has not started. AMUAAM has decided to put this issue on its list of priorities and will take this up with the state government very seriously. A committee has been formed to address it and hopefully soon AMU Campus construction will start.

Regarding building of Sir Syed House in Mumbai, Mr. Tanweer Alam, President AMUAAM, has requested and appealed to all Aligs across the globe in general and Maharashtra in particular to come forward and give their contribution in realizing this dream. The proposed Sir Syed House will act as multipurpose Hall which can be used for organizing Sir Syed Day dinner, Meetings, Conferences, seminars and would be a centre of AMU related activities in Mumbai.

Mr. Anwar Hussain in his introductory remarks set the tone and tenor for discussion by emphasizing the need of revival of “Aligarh Movement” and the role of Alig community in its perusal. He said that in the globalized world it is essential to know about one’s identity vis a vis Islam, democracy, pluralism and how they should respond towards world and India. Besides, he also appealed that Aligs should take up social reform projects and programmes among underprivileged sections of the community.

Adv Imran Siddiqui spoke about the aims and objectives of AMUAAM & the road map to achieve them. Mr. Farid Khan suggested a more active and responsible role of AMUAAM in handling issues pertaining to Community development especially in the field of education and economic reforms, Mr. Zuber Azmi, Director Urdu Markaz, urged Aligs to take the Vision of Sir Syed forward by playing an important role in upliftment of educational standard among the underprivileged and providing means to improve their socio-economic condition. He termed Aligs as present caliphs and emphasized on their greater responsibility towards this holistic cause.

Shakeel A. Khan in his address said that the opening of AMU campus will herald in bringing renaissance among Muslims in Maharashtra. Miss Tabassum highlighted the issue of girl’s education among Muslims and its decline especially in higher education. Dr. Saheb Ali, Head of Urdu Department, Mumbai University, threw light on the role of Aligarh movement in the aftermath of 1857 revolt. He mentioned that the genocide of Muslims after 1857 revolt had affected Sir Syed greatly and hence he started social and educational reform movements among Muslims.