Police, administration and politics all are communal at heart: Sawai Singh

By TCN News,

Jaipur: Our police, administration and politics, all have become communal at their hearts, said Mr. Sawai Singh, convener Sadbhav Manch Rajasthan. He was making his remarks as a panelist of the Public Hearing of khaki terror victims, organized by Jamaat-e-Islami Rajasthan here at Pink City Press Club on 17th June.

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At the Public Hearing many victims of police atrocities narrated their sad story – how they were picked, tortured and then implicated in false cases but later court acquitted them. Mr. Singh demanded prosecution of the guilty police officers.

Panel for public hearing

Mr. Singh said that as the courts have acquitted the victims from all charges framed against them, the police officers guilty of their illegal arrest and detention should be prosecuted.

Another panelist Mr. Prem Krishna Sharma, senior advocate and president of the Rajasthan branch of People’s Union For Civil Liberties (PUCL) suggested forming a high level committee comprising of police and administrative officers as well as dignified citizens, with fully transparent functioning to save the citizens from such kind of illegal arrests.

Mr. Tek Chand Rahul, retired judge and State head of Bhartiya Bhodh Mahasabha, stated that the police don’t happen to be an independent agency, but a ‘tool’ of the state government that acts according to their instructions. He expressed his concern about the communal discrimination rampant in the courts of law in our country.

The five-member jury also had Mr. Muhammad Ahmad and Engineer Muhammad Salim, both national secretaries of Jamaat-E-Islami Hind.

Presiding over the Public Hearing, Mr. Muhammad Ahmad said: “The most dangerous thing for our country is that the fascist tendency has prevailed all among the politics, administration as well as our judiciary.” It is the responsibility of the government to provide justice to the citizens but when it fails to do so, its life span is shortened, he added. He was shocked over the cruelty that occurred recently during the riots, “they burn people alive and cut out fetuses from the wombs”.

Engineer Muhammad Salim said that our government treats the Muslims as if they were citizens of some other country. He was afraid that our country is heading towards destruction, as our government is following the advices of America and Israel. He was of the opinion that Gujrat CM Narendra Modi was guilty of carnage of the Muslims and he expected that he will soon reach to his actual destination that is ‘jail’.

Seven persons, out of the 30 present in the hearing, shared their agony, how they were forcibly or by some ploy, taken to the police station, then to SOG at Jaipur and were detained for several days and some were later implicated in false cases. The victims came all over from Jaipur, Kota, Baran, Jodhpur, Nagaur, Makrana, Behter, Gangapur City, Sikar and Khandela.

“Since last few years, in the aftermath of bomb blasts and other terrorist activities, the police have been harassing Muslims in the name of investigations, by detaining them illegally and by convicting them under false charges and keeping them for years in jail for no crime, also by sending notices to some of them and enquiring unnecessarily, sometimes at their residences, sometimes at police stations, time and again. This harassment of the Muslim youth continues till date and should be stopped immediately as it is sheer injustice” said Engineer Khursheed Husain state chief of Jamaat-E-Islami Hind Rajasthan.

“Why the pointer of suspicion turns towards the Muslims only after every incident of bomb blast and why it is presumed without any evidence that there should be some Muslim person or organization behind the incident,” said Mr. Khursheed. He said that Jamaat will organize a demonstration at national level in Delhi and will strive to contain this tyranny on political, social and judicial levels.

Mr. Pekar Farooq, Senior advocate at the Rajasthan High Court and state president of Association For Protection Of Civil Rights, elaborated the legal aspects of the cases. He is also a defence lawyer to one of the Jaipur blasts accused Sarvar. Mr. farooq said that there is not any concrete evidence against any of the accused in Jaipur bomb blast cases, but merely due to prejudice, the court is not even granting bail to the innocent people.

In the concluding session, some resolutions were passed. Jamaat demanded that:
–The government should apologize for ruining three and a half precious years of the acquitted
–Compensate them with 25 lakh rupees each
–Provide government job to those who are within the age limit
–Restore their services if they were in a government job prior to their arrest
–Prosecute the officials responsible for their arrest and torture and deduct the amount of compensation from their salaries.
–Stop harassment of the innocent Muslims by frequent enquiries and notices
–Bring all cases regarding the bomb blasts at various places to one place, so that speedy hearing could be conducted and the innocent may be acquitted and the guilty be punished at the earliest.