Ten years of Gujarat violence to be recognized in the US Congress

By TCN News

Washington, DC: Keith Ellison, member of the US House of Representative has introduced a resolution marking the tenth anniversary of Gujarat violence in 2002.

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House Resolution 569 was introduced on March 1, 2012 and it has been referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs.
The resolution recognizes Hindu and Muslim victims of violence that engulfed the Indian state of Gujarat in Feb-March 2002 and calls on the “Gujarat government to heed the recommendations of the State Department to restore religious freedom for all citizens.”

Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) welcomed the introduction of the congressional resolution. In a statement issued by the organization, Shaheen Khateeb, president of IAMC said that “Congressman Ellison’s resolution is an important effort to memorialize all those who were killed in the horrific sectarian violence of Gujarat in 2002,”
Further, IAMC has called Americans to call upon their local Congresssional representatives to urge them to support House Resolution 569 to ensure its smooth passage.

HR569 criticizes Gujarat government for not pursuing justice f the victims of 2002 violence. It commends the US Government for denying visa to Chief Minister Modi and also salutes police officers like Sanjiv Bhat who took personal risks for giving honest testimony about the violence.

Ellison is a Democrat representing Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district. He has been a member of the House of Representative since 2007.

This weekend Coalition Against Genocide is organizing candle light vigils across various cities in the US to observe the ten years of Gujarat genocide 2002 that killed thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands.


Full text of the Resolution: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c112:H.RES.569: