Jamaat expresses deep concerns over continuing situation of communalism

Arresting Muslim youths in concocted charges appears part of a planned conspiracy to defame Muslims: JIH

By TCN News,

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New Delhi: Change of faces is not sufficient, people in this country wants performance, Secretary General Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), Nusarat Ali said referring to the recent cabinet reshuffle.

JIH Secretary was briefing the media on spate of communal riots and continuing arrests of Muslim youths on ‘concocted’ charges at its headquarter here in the national capital.

Mohd Salim Engineer (P.R Secretary), Nusrat Ali (Secretary General) and Ejaz Aslam (Media Secretary)

Addressing to the media Nusrat Ali said that the Jamaat is deeply concerned over continuing situation of communalism in many States in the country. He said, “during the October 26 riots in Faizabad and its nearby villages like Bhadarsa, Kosi Kalan, Pratapgarh Mussorie(Ghaziabad) etc. in Uttar Pradesh and October 23 riots in Aakot, Maharashtra, precious human lives were lost and large-scale loot and arson took place.”

Minority Muslims had to bear the brunt and suffer losses, he added.

JIH Secretary particularly questioned the role of the police and administration, which he pointed out, has remained irresponsible. He also raised the issue of rehabilitation of the members of minority community still living relief camps in Assam after the July riots in the Bodoland region.

Stressing the need to bring a “strong anti communal violence bill soon as promised,” the Jamaat Secretary demanded, “the State governments as well as the Union Government should take stringent measures against communal conspirators, accelerate the law and order machinery and subject the criminals to severe punishment.”

JIH has also demanded that Rs. 20 lakh be given as compensation to each of the families of those killed in the riots and the monetary loss of the devastated be duly compensated.

Arrests of Muslims on ‘concocted’ charges:

Welcoming the release of journalist Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi, Jamaat Secretary commented, “It is condemnable that an eminent Muslim journalist had to spend eight long months of his life behind bars, devoid of his freedom, for the crime he hadn’t committed.”

“The way Delhi Police levelled false charges against him, adopted illegal ways and character-assassinated an eminent journalist with baseless statements is enough to show that the bid to arrest youths under concocted charges in different parts of the country seems to be part of a planned conspiracy to defame Muslims, tarnish their image before the masses in the country and thus affect the relationship between Hindus and Muslims,” he added.

He also referred to the arrest of Fasih Mahmood, under similar charges.

He also noted that a delegation of Jamaat met the Union Home Minister and demanded to stop false implication and arresting persons without sufficient evidence, grant proper compensation for acquitted persons and initiate strict legal action against the police official responsible for implicating innocent persons.