Politics of terror: targeting Muslim youth

Issued by: People’s Campaign Against Politics of Terror

People’s hearing on fabricated cases

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September 28-29, Constitution Club of India, New Delhi

The role of the Indian state in fabricating cases of sedition and terrorism to implicate tens of thousands of innocent citizens across India has been thoroughly exposed over the last several years as the judiciary has thrown out hundreds of false cases against innocent Muslim youth, and castigated the police for framing innocent people.

It has been established beyond doubt that the Indian police and investigative agencies have for years run a systematic campaign to brutalize citizens by way of punishing them for defending their homeland, farms and communities, or for simply belonging to a retain community that is labelled as a whole as being involved in terrorism.

That the Indian judiciary has for the large part been complicit in giving the police a free pass in this evil endeavor has only extended the ambit of misery that has incarcerated the innocent for years, devastating lives and families.

It is clear that the nefarious activities of the police and the state needs to be checked and held accountable for its illegal fabrication of cases.

The People’s Campaign Against the Politics of Terror raises the following the demands:

The Campaign demands that the Government institute an overarching inquiry by the Supreme Court into all cases of terrorism and separatism prosecuted since 2001.

The Campaign demands that the Government of India and the various state governments where terror cases are being prosecuted ensure that speedy trials are held in all the cases so that the accused do not languish in jails for years.

The Campaign demands that the Government give serious considering to the option of clubbing all cases of terrorism, sedition and separatism so that they are prosecuted together to ensure transparency in prosecution and check endless delays.

The Campaign demands that the Government immediately initiate the process of paying monetary compensation to the hundreds of innocent citizens who have been exonerated of all charges of terrorism and sedition by the judiciary.

The Campaign demands that the Government immediately initiate the rehabilitation of such victims of fabricated cases by providing them meaningful employment and livelihood so that they and their families can be reintegrated into society.

This Campaign demands that the Government immediately launch detailed inquiries into the conduct of the police officers against whom the the courts have passed strictures for deliberately framing innocent citizens in fabricated terror cases.

The Campaign demands that the Government prosecute such police officers in a court of law and, if they are convicted, be terminated from service, their pensions be withdrawn and their promotions and awards rescinded.

The Campaign demands that the leaders of the political parties and Members of Parliament apply their strength to ensure that innocent citizens do not remain incarcerated in prison for years without trial, which is a violation of their human rights.


Targetting Muslim youth in the garb of fighting terrorism: CPI

(CPI General Secretary Comrade S.Sudhakar Reddy pass this resolution in 14-15 October, Calcutta Minority Conference.

It has been the firm opinion of the CPI that the NDA government under Vajpayee has swallowed the theory of Americans that “all Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims.” Since then our investigating agencies, ATS, Anti Terrorist Squads have been cooking up stories of terrorist attacks and encounters of terrorists. Hundreds of Muslim youths have been implicated in such cooked up cases. After languishing in jails for over a decade, most of these people have been acquitted by different courts. It has also come to light that these so-called terrorist attacks on Mekka Masjid in Hyderabad, Samjhoota Express in Haryana, Malegaon Bomb Blasts in Maharashtra and Ajmer Dargah bomb blast in Ajmer in Rajasthan were handiwork of terrorists belonging to Sangh Parivar. Similarly most of the encounters have proved to be false.

While acquitting Muslim Youth, the courts have found not only absence of evidence but have charged the investigators of fabricating the evidence. Unfortunately, the UPA 2 government in place of drawing proper lessons from these verdicts had continued to implement the anti-Muslim policy derived by the Home Ministry under Advani. Rather it has fine tuned this mind set by targeting the Muslim educated youth. Even the apex court, the Supreme Court has said that nobody should be punished under the perception that “My name is Khan but I am not terrorist”.

Under these circumstances the CPI reiterates its demand:
· All terrorist related cases during last one decade need to be reviewed by a judicial mechanism.

· All those under arrest but against whom FIR has not been filed during the stipulated judicial period must be released immediately.
· All those acquitted by the courts must be appropriately compensated.

· Acquitted persons must be rehabilitated with government jobs.
· Officer involved in fabricating evidence must be immediately removed and punished.
· Thorough overhaul of all investigating agencies and police to remove all those afflicted by the mind set “all terrorists are Muslims.”
· Review of all terrorist related cases in the context of US interest to brand Muslims only as terrorists and Israeli interests to get a foothold in this country.

Working Committee

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