ANHAD brings out report on Guj Govt giving lands at throw away prices to Adani, others

    By Staff Reporter,

    New Delhi: On the 22nd anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition, ANHAD released Kaccha Chittha Story 3 the third in the series of its investigative stories on Modi’s governance, transparency and development in Gujarat, on Friday December 6 at a Press Conference held in Nizamuddin West, New Delhi.

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    The release was long list of Modi’s corruption cases which has been ignored by the mainstream media at large was presided over by Sanjay Sharma and Bhavna Sharma among other activists.

    The last kaccha Chittha list dealt with the illegal land grants Modi’s government had given to Adani Group. The third list deals further with the same subject and exposes more such illicit land deals.

    “Adani Group was given 2008.41 hectare reserve forest land, which falls in Mundra and Dhrub villages in the Kutch east forest division, for Solar Salt Project & Salt Washery Plant on the condition that an equivalent part of land will be given back by Adani company to the government but the land. What Modi’s government did is that they clandestinely gave away some more land to the Adanis which the latter showed as the lands they are giving to the government in return,” said Sanjay Sharma.

    He also told TCN that no survey of the 2008.4 hectare land was ever done before giving it to the Adanis and that the land belonged to BSF. “Narendra Modi is beating drums of patriotism and national security wherever he goes but right under his nose in his state BSF land was taken over without even informing them,” he said.

    “Irregular surveys were carried out by forest officers D.S. Patel, C.N Rathore, P.L. Parmar to show that the land in question was being transferred to Adani lawfully. However, several RTIs proved that the land which Adani was supposed to return for plantation in lieu of the large portion of land the government gave him was actually a water body where no plantation is possible,” he said. It is but obvious that such a hatchet job is not possible without the direct nod of Modi who has been showing himself as the champion of anti-corruption causes all over the country.

    The ANHAD document clarifies:

    “According to field book of Mr.P.L. Parmar, he had been there on 3/10/2007 for taking measurements, however, returned back since permission was not granted by the BSF. Thus, it is clear that no measurement was carried out on the site on that date. Thus, the government work of preparation of map of the site of land which is sensitive for security of country, is conducted without any physical inspection and on the basis of false records, which is a serious offence.

    As per daily diary of Mr.C.N. Rathod, he was reportedly accompanying Mr.D.S.Patel in measurement process from 15/10/2007 to 17/10/2007 whereas daily diary of D.S. Patel shows that they were together only on 15/10/07. Thus, both of them have declared false reports before the Government in respect of their work.

    Kachcha Chittah 3 – map showing fraud by Gujarat govt sea area shown as land.

    Further, when information was sought under the Right to Information Act with respect to the boat used in such work, it has been clearly informed that no such information is available. Further, when information pertaining to application seeking permission from BSF for carrying out this measurement and grant of any such permission was demanded, it has been informed that no evidences in this regard are available. Thus, the fact that the Surveyors did not visit the local site becomes clear. Thus, the map which is prepared is apparently false, however, all the officers and Government have also accepted that this map is true as it is signed by them and stamped.”

    “Can there be a bigger fraud or threat to the security of the country? Will the CM answer? What are the reasons of favoring Adani even at the cost of India’s security? Is it only money or other nefarious designs that the BJP PM candidate has undermining the security of the country?” asks the report. I t can be accessed at


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