FMSA rejects and demands dissolution of Pathan Committee

By TCN News,

Aligarh: Forum for Muslim Studies & Analysis (FMSA), Aligarh has strongly criticized and rejected the Prof. Pathan Committee appointed by the Ministry of Human Resource & Development, Government of India to prepare a single “Bill” for administration of all the Central Universities.

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FMSA has submitted a memorandum through the District Magistrate, Aligarh to the Prime Minister of India pointing out that the Aligarh Muslim University has a historic and minority character and it has some special features and responsibilities which no other university has, so either it should be exempted from Pathan Committee references or the Pathan Committee itself is dissolved.

FMSA has said that such a proposed centralised administration will undermine the character and autonomy of the AMU. Memorandum points out that AMU has responsibility to enhance status of the Muslims of India under section 5(2)(c) of the AMU Act, 1980. It says such a responsibility has not been entrusted to any other university. Further the old boys, wakf boards and Muslim socio-educational organizations have representation in AMU court which will certainly go off on the pretext of “Uniform Administration”

The UPA is repeating the mistake made by NDA when it also tried a similar legislation during its rule. This was opposed by all central universities at that time.

The FMSA has demanded that either the AMU should be kept out of references of the Pathan Committee or the Committee itself is dissolved as there is no such need. FMSA has warned that if the government fails in obliging and dissolving the Pathan Committee then FMSA will resort to democratic channels of opposition and protest.

Submitting the memorandum, FMSA Secretary General Jasim Mohammad told that in 1950 also the government had made a silent slaught on AMU by changing the composition of AMU Court and Executive Council. He said that this in not 1950 and parliamentary elections are due in 2014, so the UPA government should deliver justice and immediately announce AMU a minority educational institution instead of planning for stabbing in back.

Signatories on the memorandum include FMSA President Prof. Razaullah Khan, Secretary Jasim Mohammad and Vice-President N. Jamal Ansari, FMSA EC Members Dr. Fatima Zehra and Nikhat Parveen, Distinguished Scientist Prof. Humayun Murad, Member of AMU Executive Council Dr. Mohammad Shahid, Former AMUSU President Dr. Naseem Ashraf and Eminent Musician Johny Foster.