Fact-finding report: Harda’s anti-Muslim violence of Sept 19

    By TCN News

    Bhopal: Chhipawar, a small qasba in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh saw anti-Muslim violence on Sept 19th of this year. Muslims of the village are still terrified as a result of this violence which saw a large scale destruction of properties.

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    Fact-finding team consisted of Lajja Shankar Hardenia (Rashtriya Secular Manch), Yogesh Diwan(Peoples Research Society), Sundar Khadhse(Mahad), Vijay Kumar (CPIML), Deepak Vidrohi(Krantikari Naujawah Bharat Sabha), Advocate Azam Khan, and Upasana Behar (NSI Bhopal) visited Chhipawar on Sept 27th.

    Team found involvement of Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, and Cow Protection Commando Force which gathered a crowd of 4-5 thousands on Sept 19th that raised anti-Muslim slogans and later caused damages to the masjid after beating up the imam Hafiz Shaukat. They also burned down 20-25 houses, about 30 two-wheelers, one jeep, and a matador.

    Three hours later Collector and Police force arrived on the scene and controlled the violence by firing in the air and arresting about 30 people. Curfew was finally lifted on Sept 23rd.

    Team found Muslims of the town terrified especially women and children who are afraid to leave their houses.

    In the report the team demanded adequate compensation for the loss of property.

    Full report: