Indian doctors in Nigeria creating unnecessary scare: Primus hospital

New Delhi : The Primus Hospital here, that employs the four Indian doctors in Nigeria wanting to return home due to an alleged Ebola scare, Thursday accused them of creating ‘unnecessary scare’ and ‘cheating’ their profession.

A group of doctors from the hospital’s Delhi branch told media there was no reported Ebola infection in Abuja where the Indian-run and -owned Primus hospital is located, and also denied charges that the passports of the doctors had been seized.

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“There is no case of Ebola in Abuja. It is a non-issue. But still if the doctors want to return they have the right to do so but their work visa needs to be cancelled which takes time,” Surya Bhan, director of orthopaedics at the hospital told reporters.

Reacting to allegations made by the doctors and their families that the hospital authorities had seized their passports, Bhan said all doctors who visit the middle-eastern or African countries willingly submit their passports to their employers as part of a written agreement.

“It is done for safety reasons so that the passport is not lost or stolen and probably misused. The doctors had given a written consent that they were willingly submitting their passports,” said Bhan.

“Their work visa is in the process of being cancelled and the passports, which are with the immigration department, will be returned soon,” he added.

The hospital, however, criticised the attitude of the four doctors.

“There are 40 more Indians working as doctors and paramedics in the same hospital. Are they running away too? These four doctors are cheating their profession and are creating unnecessary scare for others,” said M.S. Jha, head of department, urology and kidney transplant.

“Despite repeated requests these doctors are not willing to treat the dozens of patients who were under their watch. Is this their culture and loyalty towards the profession,” he asked.

The external affairs ministry too Wednesday clarified that there was no case of Ebola in the Nigerian capital Abuja but distanced itself from the case, saying it was a matter between the doctors and the hospital.

At least 1,000 people have died so far due to the Ebola outbreak that has hit the west African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Nigeria has also reported some cases.