Under BJP, Goa is hub for narcotics: Congress

Panaji : Under the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) rule, Goa has become a hub for drugs and a base for Hindutva experimentation, the Congress has claimed in a five-page chargesheet on the state government’s performance.

The chargesheet, which was compiled after a two-day conclave of party leaders at a resort near Panaji, claims that the Goa government had also failed on counts of economy, creation of jobs, controlling corruption, and law and order.

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It also elaborates over two paragraphs about how public treasury was being used to fund Hindutva activity in the state.

“The government is spending money from the public treasury to support organisations masquerading as cultural, literary and spiritual, which spread divisive and hate agenda in the society and are wedded to the ‘Hindutva’ brand,” said the chargesheet which has been endorsed by state party president Luizinho Faleiro and All India Congress Committee (AICC) general secretary in-charge of Goa, Digvijay Singh.

“This government is under complete control of right-wing forces which spread discord and fear thus posing a threat to the idea of peaceful, progressive and harmonious Goa,” the chargesheet further says, adding that the ruling BJP government has been “sowing seeds and nurturing divisions on communal lines while making a show of tolerance through gimmicks like posing for photographs at churches and at religious festivals”.

The chargesheet claims that in the name of tourism, the Goa government had ensured that “casinos, EDM (electronic dance music), drug trade and prostitution” flourishes.

Reacting to Congress chargesheet, BJP state vice president Wilfred Mesquita told IANS that the accusations levelled by the Congress were wishy-washy and that not even one accusation was backed by facts.

“If they had spelled out facts to back their charges I would have responded, but using mere words like ‘doldrums’ all the time as Faleiro did, does not merit any response,” Mesquita said, defending the performance of the state government that came to power in 2012.