Syrian opposition leader calls for delegation formation


Moscow : The Syrian domestic opposition should urgently form its own delegation which will participate in the third round of Geneva II talks, a Syrian internal opposition leader said Tuesday.

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Xinhua cited Qadri Jamil, head of the Syrian Popular Front for Change and Liberation and the Coalition Forces for Peaceful Changes, as telling Interfax news agency that the domestic opposition has been undecided for a long time and it is time to set up its own delegation.

“I urge the domestic opposition forces to immediately form a single delegation to attend the third round, whether or not it will be invited,” Jamil noted.

Jamil, a former Syrian deputy prime minister, noted that the delegation would go to Geneva where it hoped to come in contact with the Syrian government delegation, other opposition groups and UN representatives.

“One round (of talks) will be enough for reaching agreement with us,” he vowed, adding that the Syrian people’s suffering must end as soon as possible.

There are no serious prerequisites for external interference in the Syrian conflict, but success should be attained faster at the Geneva talks, he said.

On Monday, Syria’s domestic National Coordination Body attributed the faltering efforts of the second round of Geneva II conference to the unequal representation of the Syrian opposition forces.

The second round negotiations of the Geneva II international conference on Syria concluded Saturday noon without achieving any tangible results.