Iranian foreign minister meets Syrian president

    By IANS,

    Damascus: Visiting Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met Iranian President Bashar al-Assad Wednesday and discussed issues like terrorism and preparations for Geneva II peace conference, Xinhua reported.

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    During their meeting, Assad warned of the danger of radicalism, stressing that it was a threat to the whole world not just the countries in the region.

    The Iranian minister said his country backed the Syrian government against “radicalism”, emphasising the need to “uproot” it. He also called on all parties to work to put an end to radicalism and terrorism while stressing that resolving the Syrian crisis lies ultimately with Syrians themselves.

    Recent regional and international talks have focused on whether Iran will participate in the upcoming Geneva II peace conference or not, following attempts by Western powers to curb the Islamic republic’s participation.

    Iran has said it will participate in the conference if it is invited without preconditions set by the West. The Islamic republic has been backing the Syrian government during the long conflict.

    The Geneva II conference, slated for Jan 22, is aimed at engaging warring Syrian parties to seek a solution to the prolonged crisis in their country.