Philips introduces pain relief products in India

    By IANS,

    New Delhi : Diversified health and well-being firm Philips Tuesday introduced pain relief products in India, under a new category called “pain management” in its consumer lifestyle division.

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    The Netherlands-headquartered Philips has introduced two new products called “InfraPhil” and “InfraCare”. These are effective for pain relief for muscle and joint aches.

    “The introduction of Pain Management as a new category is a reaffirmation of our commitment to offer products that will help consumers lead a healthy and active lifestyle,” A.D.A. Ratnam, president of Philips India’s Consumer Lifestyle division, said in a statement.

    “As a Health and Well-being company, we aim to provide the best technology and most innovative solutions to our consumers who are now more informed, aware and ready to adopt active lifestyle solutions,” Ratnam said.

    Prevalence of chronic pain in India is estimated to be nearly 30 percent and there is also an increasing number of musculoskeletal cases which are a result of unhealthy lifestyle, stress, poor posture, physical exertion, ageing and degenerative osteoarthritis.

    The 150 watt InfraPhil and 200-watt and 650-watt InfraCare, introduced by Philips, will help patients relieve the aches and pains caused due to these problems by providing deep and focused warmth.

    With these products, patients can reduce the side effects resulting from the consumption of pain killers as well, Ratnam said.

    According to Jagmohan Singh, veteran physio-therapist and principal of Gian Sagar College of Physiotherapy, Patiala: “The infrared light from Philips InfraPhil and InfraCare provides clinically proven and effective pain relief for muscles and joints.”

    “Designed for in-home and office usage, this innovative infrared technology is more effective and safer than other pain relief solutions like painkillers, balms, sprays etc. Infrared light delivers powerful therapeutic benefits to the problem area and speeds up the healing process to ease pain and muscular spasm,” he added.