Indian-American lawmaker for dialogue with India on nuclear issues

Washington:Ami Bera, the lone Indian-American member of US House of Representatives, has called for an open dialogue with India on issues like liability concerns to open Indian energy market to US companies.

“As we move forward, it’s important to continue to have an open dialogue with the Indian Government about issues like liability concerns so we can tackle India’s energy needs and open their energy market to US companies,” he said Thursday.

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“That will benefit both our countries’ economies,” he said participating in a House Committee on Foreign Affairs hearing on international civilian nuclear cooperation.

India’s tough liability law has stalled operationalisation of the landmark 2008 India-US civilian nuclear agreement with US companies fearing the law disproportionately burdens suppliers of nuclear equipment in case of an accident.

“With a new government in India, we have an opportunity to work together to continue our partnership and strengthen our economic relationship,” Bera said.

“We should make sure that as we encounter challenges, we maintain open channels of communication to find solutions that benefit both our great nations,” he said.

Bera also expressed happiness with “India’s significant step in ratifying an International Atomic Energy Agency agreement that will open its civilian nuclear programme to unannounced spot inspections.”