Facebook favoured for background check on prospective partner: Survey

New Delhi : Almost fifty percent unmarried people in India use social networking site Facebook to conduct a background check on their prospective partner, revealed a survey conducted by matrimonial site Shaadi.com.

The survey was carried out to understand the different mediums of personal background check that people do before getting married and 48.9 percent chose Facebook as an important medium to understand a person’s behaviour, said a statement.

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People’s next preferred medium is Twitter, which received 29.4 percent votes from those who feel that it reflects how progressive the person is.

And 21.7 percent said photo-sharing site Instagram is a good medium to analyse a person’s lifestyle.

But when parents were asked the same question, 45.8 percent responded saying that they prefer to do a background check through relatives before fixing the marriage.

However 29.7 percent parents depend upon common friends, while 24.5 percent run a background check at the work place of the prospective partner.

The online poll received over 2,500 responses.

“We at Shaadi.com understand the changing mindset across generations. It is interesting to see how the mediums of background check on a prospective partner have transitioned from friends and relatives to social media,” said Gourav Rakshit, chief operating officer (COO) of Shaadi.com.